An Unexpected Connection

connectThree days ago, I posted the following on my twitter account and The Forerunner Community FaceBook page:

Too often in life we permit moments to pass without speaking Life and blessing due to fear. Open your mouth & let Him fill it! PROPHESY!

I can’t tell you the number of times when someone has crossed my path and I have received an unction to speak to them and when I do…………a divine connection occurs.

I will tell you that the majority of meaningful and close relationships that I experience have originated by either me speaking or the other party speaking something led by the Spirit.

I’d like to share the most recent experience which occurred just yesterday!

After having been out of state all week on business, I was pleased to be home with Misty for a nice leisurely Saturday.  It was  good to spend time with her and just enjoy the beautiful day together.

I had an appointment for an hour at 10 a.m. in the morning, but before and after that, we were just going to hang out and run a couple of errands.

After the appointment, Misty and I had a great lunch at one of our favorite spots. She had asked me to bring her laptop from the office back to the house after my appointment.  Of course, I forgot to do so.  So, we made a couple of stops after we finished lunch and decided to run back by the office in order to grab her laptop.

I pulled into the parking lot at the office and let Misty out so she could run up and get her computer.  After 10 minutes or so, I began wondering what was taking her so long.  Had she decided to check her email?  Was there a message on the office phone?  There was no telling exactly what had caught her attention causing her delay.

I decided I’d give her a couple more minutes before getting out of the car and fetching her from the office.  About that time, I saw her striding through the courtyard gate and coming out into the parking lot.  There was a gentleman walking with her whom I did not know.  They were engaged in a conversation as they were walking towards the car.

After introducing me to her new found friend, Irving, she explained that she had discovered him looking around the historic Cotton Mill where our offices are located.  She engaged him in conversation to see if she could help him and he said that he was just looking around “studying” the site.

As he described what he was researching, Misty felt prompted to ask Irving, “Do you love The Lord?”

A bit shocked and surprised, Irving responded, “Yes, I do love The Lord.”  Irving then explained his real purpose for being there was more of a spiritual nature in that he felt directed by the Holy Spirit to travel from over a half hour away and to come specifically to our location and do some prayer walking.

From that point, the conversation rolled over into meeting me, a tour of the entire facility and the history of how Father supernaturally positioned our business in the Cotton Mill.

We finished our impromptu Church gathering (where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name……) by praying for each other.  Irving blessed us first by offering a beautiful prayer of thanks and worship to Father and ministering an accurate and deeply meaningful prophetic word to us.

Our precious, new brother, Irving and Misty outside our offices.

Our precious, new brother, Irving and Misty outside our offices.

Then, we prayed for him and Misty ministered prophetically to him.

All of us were extremely blessed by the way the Spirit had orchestrated our days and the timing in order for Our paths to cross in His Purpose. Moving forward, we are not certain of the depth of relationship Father has purposed with Irving, nor, are we aware of the full impact of our exchange.  Such things are to be determined and revealed. However, we all recognized that if Misty would have been absorbed in her personal activities and not been obedient to speak, we would have missed such an incredible, wondrous blessing that Father had planned for us by having Irving there.

By way of encouragement, let me say that Father is connecting His People in ways we cannot fathom.  Overcoming the barriers that we have constructed, such as, church organizations that we claim to belong to, divisive camps based upon personal doctrinal beliefs, geographical location, etc., Father is causing Seekers who desire His Will to be done in the earth to begin to find one another and connect.

To further encourage you, I have often been told by others when sharing such experiences that, “Bryon, you and Misty are anointed to experience such things.” The thought underlying such a statement is that there is some type of “special” anointing on us because of our “position or function” in the Kingdom.

As I always do, I must also now unequivocally deny the validity of  such statements and ideas.  There is nothing “special” about being sensitive and obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit as He connects the Body of Christ.  As a matter of fact, such activity should be (and is) common among Father’s People.

What I am saying can not only be taught scripturally, it is experienced on a weekly basis in the lives of our brothers/sisters who live in community here locally and across the nation.

The key is repenting of an inaccurate mentality that such function is reserved for “elite believers” and asking/believing the Holy Spirit to lead/guide you into functioning accordingly.  Beyond that, “saying something” when the Spirit prompts you is the step of faith and obedience required to unlock the potential of discovering such divine connections.

I concluded my previous post, The Fullness of Life, by stating:

Understand and believe, dear reader, and be encouraged……..Father initiated the work and He, as the Greek word used here implies, will take it upon Himself to bring to an end, accomplish, perfect, execute, complete the work.

He is now and has always been active in the process!

I am just one of many  who can bear witness to the work that Father is doing currently.  Hearts are becoming more and more sensitive to Father’s heart and they are turning not only to Him but also to one another!  I see individuals connecting with individuals by the Spirit.  I am seeing groups connecting with communities in cities, regions and nations;  Father’s Family is finding one another and the expressions are completely different, both in nature and form, than what we have experienced.

I believe that our connection with Irving yesterday is a confirmation of what I expressed above!  My hope is that it will encourage you to adjust your mentality, open your eyes and spirit to what Father is doing and be sensitive and obedient to the Spirit’s direction.

Keep your peace!


7 thoughts on “An Unexpected Connection

  1. Bryon & Misty, way to go. It’s the love of Father that reaches out to individuals. He’s housed within His tabernacle (you, me, us corporately).

  2. Wonderful testimony Bryon. I shutter to think how many divine appt.’s one can miss if our eyes are not open in the spirit when God brings someone across our path. I have a woman I see occasionally at my job that I can see is looking for that peace that only God can give us and she is speaking to Psychics and speaks on a new age level even tho she denies it is new age. I have had opportunity to talk with her as I found she is turned off by religion but believes in a”higher power.” Oh what an open door there is with her!! I started explaining to her it isn’t about religion but a relationship with Jesus and as we got into talking about the Holy Spirit a little bit I saw her eyes light up and she said “there is so much love in you” and let’s talk about this some more. I only have a few minutes with her between shifts but I see this as a divine appt. and pray she will meet with me when we can talk and pray together as we discussed. People are hungry….they are out there….we need to be open and listen to people and the signs are there that they are searching and hungry for love and need a little guidance from us through the Holy Spirit to see the love of Jesus and that God isn’t waiting to strike them with lightning for it is the love of God that draws people. I have noticed when you speak life into them (they already know they are sinners) they will respond to the love of Jesus. Thanks Bryon. I know this appt. was a little different than yours but we all have these divine appt. opportunities God places in front of us and I am just thankful I didn’t miss this one 🙂

  3. Beautiful testimony of “the normal” Christian life focused squarely on the New covenant blood of our Savoir! “The mystery” of the gospel ; Christ in us. Walking in Christ’s Holy Spirit is literal communion with God which yields intimacy and lasting fruit, in that order. Thanks for sharing. This kind of thing occurs only with a persistent Christ centered ness! New Covenant blood along with New Priesthood equals a pure and enduring Jesus movement revival!!!

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