Obedience: God’s Gift to Us, Not Our Gift to God

imageOne of my favorite quotes is by Charles H. Spurgeon:

“He who understands the two covenants has found the marrow of all theology, but he who does not know the covenants knows next to nothing of the gospel of Christ.”

Dr. Steve Crosby is one of the most enlightened brothers I know when it comes to grasping and applying  New Testament grace.  I can personally attest to his impact on my personal life of faith and the effectiveness his teachings and ministry has in the Kingdom communities with whom we relate.

In this post, which is an excerpt from his must read book, Authority, Accountability and the Apostolic Movement, Steve presents an extremely vital, accurate understanding of New Testament truth that can change a believer’s faith walk and serve as a catalyst to spiritual maturation.  I would encourage you to take the time to read his post and share it with other believers. Peace!

Obedience: God’s Gift to Us, Not Our Gift to Him

via Obedience: God’s Gift to Us, Not Our Gift to God.


6 thoughts on “Obedience: God’s Gift to Us, Not Our Gift to God

  1. Awesome read. Let me know when you all want to get dinner Lori and I would be happy to talk to you all about real estate. 🙂

    • Thanks, my brother. Good article for you to read and get a grasp on.

      I will contact you about dinner. Perhaps we can get together this weekend. Peace!

  2. Anyone would have to be out of their mind to believe such a story. Oh, that’s right – I have to be out of my mind in order to be “in Christ” because His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. Thanks Bryon, for sharing and thanks, Steve, for sharing the wealth of your gift of eloquently putting in writing the thoughts Father has put in the hearts of so many of His children.

  3. From earlier mention of Dr. Crosby’s book a couple of posts back…. I purchased and am in process of reading.

    Yes…..Two thumbs up!!!! I have been introduced to a servant of the Lord, who’s book bears witness to my personal testimony.

    May I add….to any considering the read of the same, don’t let the title of the book mislead to content. It covers so much more than my first impression of it’s title, and could easily be titled, “Finding Father’s Love.”

    Thanks for the post brother(s).

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