Sent for an ADVENTure!

imageI’m set to leave tomorrow for a weekend in North Carolina.

During my time there, Friday evening through Sunday evening (I’ll be catching a flight Sun. night so I can get back to work on Monday morning) I will have the privilege of BEING with 3 separate groups of people.

I will be gathering with apostolic and prophetic brothers from the Southeastern region of the U.S. Some brothers I have known for a while. For others, it will be the first time I will have the honor of meeting them. We are simply getting together because we have sensed it is a time led of the Spirit to do so.

I will also have the privilege of spending some time with brothers/sisters who happen to live in community in North Carolina. I have had the joy of being with them before, staying in there homes and experiencing their family, both natural and in the Kingdom. It will be good to see them again and hear what Father has been up to in their lives.

Finally, I am being introduced to a Hispanic community of believers in the area. I will have the honor of addressing them via a translator of Sunday morning. I have been aware of this community of Hispanic brothers/sisters for a while now, so it will be good to finally meet them and spend some time with them.

As I’ve prayed about and considered my visit during this week, I thought about something I’d like to share.

You know, there was a time, just a few years ago actually, if I was going on a trip like this, I would be so geared up for the EVENT. Do you know what I mean?

Man, I’d be praying for God to “move” in the “services” or “meetings” and believing there to be an “altar call” or “ministry” in dynamic ways. All of that could still happen. I’d be okay with it but it is not the expected or, I believe, the desired outcome.

I have moved on from the “EVENT” and am looking forward to more of an “ADVENT”. In other words, I’ve moved on from looking for SOMETHING to happen and am more interested in looking for SOMEONE to happen. Yeah, you got it! Christ!

I guess it was 2009 when things really started changing for me in this regard.

We were used to our local gatherings here in North Texas and the way the Holy Spirit was free to flow in the midst. There are no agendas and brothers/sisters have matured to the point where they are comfortable in BEING rather than striving to DO and work something up so we could say, “Wasn’t it good today?”

Don’t get me wrong. Things happen. Ministry takes place. Lives are changed. There is always a good voltage in the current of the Holy Spirit as He is permitted to flow through the use of a corporate body. But, all of that comes from believers who have learned how to BE and allow an advent…..or Christ to be incarnated in and through His Body.

So, as we started being “sent” abroad from our local communities, we would step into situations, meetings, services, etc. where things were expected and orchestrated to ‘happen”. Parties involved were looking for an “EVENT” that could be billed as a major happening in Christendom. Anything else than a life-altering occurrence simply would not do and be considered a failure.

The result of pretty much every EVENT thingy we attended would ultimately get beyond the Spirit and muddle down in the flesh of well intentioned but striving believers. (you should look up that word “muddle” because I used it on purpose……it means to cause confusion and God is NOT the author of the aforementioned state of being.)

But, what I recognized through all of the chaos and disorder of attempting to force EVENTS into happening, was that Father was bringing into existence and developing Divine Connections between Seekers who were looking for the same thing,………errrrrrr, I mean, looking for the same Person.

And, even in the midst of all the stuff, like hidden agendas coming to light and the ever present “work-it-up-worship-frenzy”, He began to show Himself in and through individuals who would connect by His Spirit and transact the Christ that was in them. Such advents occurred as sidebars of the main EVENT. Over meals at restaurants after the EVENT. Back in hotel lobby while the EVENT raged on. In little groups of three or four, He was spoken, ministered and received.

Now, I am by no means the sharpest tool in the shed but it didn’t take me very long to see what was transpiring. That’s when the EVENT thing in me died and the ADVENT thing ascended.

It may seem like a fine line and some may think I’m just a nit-picking, nit-picker….. I’ve been called worse!  But, making the distinction is huge! I don’t think we are called to fall in love with a happening. We are, however, called to love Him and love one another. Events happen when He is revealed and as you release the false expectations and striving to make things happen in His name and learn to gather in the quality of His Name, He  is always faithful to His promise to be the center of such an ADVENT.

I sensed Him when the local body laid hands on me and prayed for me while I would be on the trip.  I’m pretty confident I will see Him expressed as I spend time just BEING with the precious people who will be in the Tar Heel State.

Keep your peace!


4 thoughts on “Sent for an ADVENTure!

  1. Bryon, we here in NC are looking forward to this trip of yours as well. The Hispanic community are really excited about having you. Other than myself, you will be the first to speak to them using a translator. Some of these Spanish brothers have seen firsthand what the corporate Body of Christ looks like, cutting across cultural lines, and even globally. The community of believers there in North Texas have played a great part in expanding this vision. One can tangibly feel the love of God come from these brothers and sisters with their Christ-like humility. You will receive as much as you give.

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