Back from an ADVENTure…….

imageI returned from my ADVENTure in North Carolina Monday evening. If you are wondering what I’m talking about, you can read, Sent for an ADVENTure. 

Despite having my flight cancelled on Sunday evening and Monday afternoon, I had an incredible time in my pursuit of Christ in the Tar Heel State this past weekend.  Even the flight delays proved to be designed by Father to bring added blessings..

T. Austin Sparks once said:

“….we are to be found, where the Holy Spirit is not teaching us things; not Church doctrine, not sanctification, not adventism, not any thing or any number of things, but teaching us Christ.”

Because I knew where I was going over the weekend and what I would be doing, I settled in my heart to look for Christ present in each and every person I encountered and in every situation I found myself.  I made a conscious effort to try to get beyond the people and discover the PERSON of Christ resident in and expressed by individuals.

I also prayed and asked Father to help me get beyond my SELF and allow Him to reveal Christ in me to all those I encountered. You see, I can sometimes be quite a load to get out of the way and I knew I could easily be the obstruction of experiencing an ADVENT while on my brief journey through the weekend.

Despite the form of expression on a corporate or individual basis, I clearly saw the Person of Christ.  I am pleased to announce that though He appears to be disjointed at times, He is alive and able to give LIFE!

I saw Him in the raw zeal and pure faith of a young man who is doing all he knows to do in order to pursue the King in the kingdom.

I clearly saw Him in the hearts of younger spiritual sons who are giving their hearts to one another and to elder spiritual fathers.

He was revealed plainly in a corporate body who are living as family in community.

I observed Him as Deliverer and Healer as brothers ministered deliverance to another brother literally encircling the brother with His Love and commanding the power of demonic spirits to be broken.

I saw Him as Head of His Church bring correction and order when it mattered. His authority was expressed in loving mercy and grace.

I continually saw Him as Provider and Shepherd as brothers willingly offered up

Spending some time with local brothers/sisters in North Carolina

Spending some time with local brothers/sisters in North Carolina

resources to feed one another, both spiritually and physically.

These are just a few of the many expressions I observed over the weekend. There are many more.

THE MAN, the PERSON of Christ was everywhere!

Was the weekend “perfect”?  Nope.

However, the time in North Carolina was extremely productive and encouraging to the Body of Christ.  All that transpired is yet to be revealed and/or understood. Hopefully, it will be a further developing and revealing of Christ in individual lives and corporate expressions.

I was extremely encouraged to see that there exists within the people of God a hunger and willingness to permit Him to be expressed and continue to pursue being perfected.

Moving forward, I am going to continue to look beyond the veil – the flesh – and continue to look for Him.  I fully intend to offer quite a bit more love, patience, mercy, grace and suffer less offense in dealing with people while pursuing the Person!

I hope they will do the same with me!

Keep your peace!


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