Two Years and Counting!

In April of 2012, I started posting on Forerunner Perspective. Over the past two years, I’ve written on varioius topics, shared numerous experiences in the Kingdom and shared quite a few good words from other brothers/sisters I know. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed giving expression to the Christ in me in my little corner of this thing called the internet.

The first original post on Forerunner Perspective was The Operating Platform of Sonship. I have decided to reblog the post today as a bit of a celebration for the two year milestone of this blog. Over the past couple of years, the revelation of what Christ’s finished work has truly accomplished for all those who believe and receive has only continued to blossom and enrich my life. One of the main kernels of truth is that we desperately need to focus on and pay attention to the manner of Love that Father has bestowed upon us so that we can be called sons of God. It is there where we discover the depth and richness of what He is truly desiring to bring into our lives.

Since the Sonship Series spans numerous posts, I’ve gone back and put a link at the end of each post, so that those readers who choose to do so, can easily progress through the series without searching the archives. As always, my prayer is that the reader is blessed and encouraged by considering what an astounding Love Father has given to us and what that really means!

Keep your peace!

Forerunner Perspective


Some one recently blessed me with an iPad. Seriously! A precious brother gifted me a brand new iPad for no other reason than that he loved me. It was a very humbling experience to receive such an incredibly thoughtful and sacrificial token. While I was extremely grateful, I was also hesitant to receive the gift because I have always been a PC kinda guy.

I had always heard about how wonderful MACs were. How you could do so much more “cool” stuff on the Apple brand of products. However, I was quite happy with my function and knowledge of the PC world and had always resisted entering the wonderful world of Apple. After all, I had used PCs for years and I was getting by just fine!

But then, I made the mistake of actually using the iPad. What was I going to do? Not use it?

Suffice it to…

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