A Shopping Cart and Priesthood?

imageI ran to the grocery store this afternoon to pick up some water and a couple other sundry items.

After a quick trip into the store and achieving my mission in record time.  I came out to load my goods and get on my way home. Parked a couple spaces down from me was a middle-aged woman who had finished loading her groceries in her vehicle and closed her trunk.

Despite being one space away from the shopping cart return area, I then watched as she pushed her shopping cart to the side of her car, opened the door and hop in. She was no more than 3 steps away from the return area. She could have easily placed the shopping cart where it belonged rather than leaving it where she did blocking the parking spaces and potentially rolling down hill to ding an unsuspecting vehicle.

“What is up with that?” I thought to myself.

I walked over and put the cart in the return area. I then got in my vehicle to drive back to the house.

I’m not knocking the lady.  Who knows what she was thinking, where she had to go or even if she gave a holy grunt?

I’m not seeking a medal for being the Boy Scout and taking care of the shopping cart. Trust me.  I am sure if you followed me around, you’d find some loose ends you’d like for me to tie up now and then.

Then, driving on my way home from the store, my mind returned to what I was meditating on this morning before Father………………priesthood.  I knew the Holy Spirit was up to something.  Who goes from thinking about proper shopping cart placement to spiritual priesthood in one fail swoop? I mean, where is the connection?

Well, here ya go.

I believe in the priesthood of every believer.  I firmly believe that every believer should be aware of their access to Father and exercise their true ministry, which is to go God-ward before we ever go man-ward.

One of the main things that believers are entitled to do as they function in spiritual priesthood is to bring blessing to people.  Having received Father’s Life, we carry His presence and are released to walk among a hurting and dying world.  We are salt.  Light.  Priests who are authorized to bless others by revealing Father through words and deeds.

Many times, we as believers are like the shopping cart lady.  We are only steps away from placing a blessing in its proper place but we are only concerned with taking care of our own stuff and going on our merry way.  Just a few more steps of faith and obedience and we could speak a word in due season or provide an act of kindness that could crack open a heart that desperately needs a little encouragement.

Most brothers and sisters panic when they consider such things because the misconception is that a full presentation of The Gospel has to be rendered in order to matter.  This is not the case. Simply reveal the Light and Life that is in you.  The quality of His Life will be evident. Imagine if all believers would be sensitive to Father’s presence in their lives and sensitive to the Spirit’s leading in releasing words of blessing and small deeds of kindness throughout their day, in their homes and in relationships.

It really boils down to a matter of choice and an act of will to determine to partake of and reveal Father’s Nature rather than our own.  If you believe in the priesthood of the believer, you must realize that you are called to BLESS and not curse; to speak LIFE and not death.  His Nature is in you and He will move you to reveal Him if you make it a point to be sensitive to Him.  C’mon and BE a BLESSING!

Putting blessings in their proper places at the proper time can make a huge difference. I encourage you to try it and see.

Thank you for shopping at Super 1 Foods!

Keep your peace!


6 thoughts on “A Shopping Cart and Priesthood?

  1. Excellent, Great lesson. Like you said taking a few moments. A simple smile or to look someone in the eye and say thank you. Speaks volumes to a hurting world.

  2. Amen. Practicing our Priesthood; Ministering unto The Lord is our first ministry and ultimate destiny. A couple years ago God delivered me from a 12 year crack addiction after spending what felt like an hour or so but was more like 12-16 hours a day ministering to Him in the inner court. Empowered now to minister to others in Boston on the street as a Priest is pure joy in and fellowship with The Holy Spirit. Adopting our eternal identity as a Priest is a Hugh privilege which allows us to participate with Him and enjoy God’s presence!

  3. Hi Bryon,
    I have a little shopping cart story. Once when I was going shopping I had two stores to go to. So I said Lord, which one do you want me to go to first (because He sometimes would put people in my path to talk with). So He told me , go to Walmart first then Aldies. I went to Walmart and did my shopping , keeping my eyes open for someone I might know. Nothing happened. I went to Aldies and didn’t see anyone I knew either. Then I saw a woman probably in her late 80’s moving very slowly around the store with her cart. She had a very gentle face. I kept shopping and then when I was all done I put my groceries in the van . Just then I saw this woman standing by her car with her cart emptied. She looked very tired. The Lord said go see if she wants you to take her cart and put it away.( At Aldies, you pay a quarter for your cart and when you return it you get your quarter back.)
    So I went up to the woman and I asked her if she wanted me to put her cart back for her. She smiled and said, Yes that would be wonderful. I am feeling so tired that I didn’t think I could return it.
    I put back the cart and gave her quarter to her. She was beaming. I was filled with joy too. I remember on the way home thinking , you know what Jesus, now I am starting to see the things that are important to you. Caring for others even in small ways.
    Hope you remember Bruce, Elisha and me. I read your posts regularly and really enjoy them. Thank you for all that you share.
    Julie Seeber. (New York)

    • Of course I remember the Seebers! Pray for you guys often. So good to hear from you, Julie! Hope all is well.

      I appreciate your story. It’s amazing how and what Father can use to reveal Himself if we learn to live according to the Life He has given us!

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