Just A Thought! – Directed by the Spirit

just a thought forerunnerHe (Jesus)did not move on the ground of His personal devotion to the Father. He moved by intimation and direction of the Spirit of God. You can see why the Church has lost its impact. It is because it has concluded that once you have consecrated your life to the Lord you can do anything you like, arrange for the Lord, plan, scheme, do all sorts of things for the Lord. The Church has been doing that for a long time: it is doing it now. Their argument is that it is for the Lord. How far is it getting? What is the comparative value of it? I leave you to answer that. It was not like that at the beginning, in the case of the Lord Jesus, in the first days of the Church when the Spirit by the Anointing really did govern. In a very short time far, far more was achieved than was done in a very, very long time afterwards.

No, we are consecrated to the Lord, but we have to have the Lord’s direction for every movement and not conclude that because we are out for the Lord we must just do all we can. Let us get it from the Lord, and only so will it be effective. It is not easy, perhaps, or it does not seem easy, but it is something to which the Lord calls us and it is the way back to effectiveness.

At any rate, let us put it like this: there is going to be nothing unless it is under the Anointing, and the Anointing means full charge of all life and all activity. Here is the place for repentance, repentance that there has been so much of ourselves and so little of the Lord. Here is the place for submission, that He shall be Lord in the power and reality of the Anointing. The Lord grant it.

T. Austin-Sparks
An extract from the book, “The Meaning of Christ”, Chapter 2. First published in “A Witness and A Testimony” magazine, Sep-Oct 1946, Vol 24-5


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