Just A Thought! The True Work of the Holy Spirit

just a thought forerunner“In proportion therefore as mind and heart are fixed on Christ, we may count on the Spirit’s presence and power, but if we make the Holy Ghost Himself the object of our aspirations and worship, some false spirit may counterfeit the true and take us for a prey.”  (Sir Robert Anderson)

The Holy Spirit does not speak from or of Himself. His function is to not only glorify Christ but to also reveal and form Christ in a believer’s life.

Even though He does not reveal Himself, yet, He remains the cause of all authentic spiritual experience.  The Holy Spirit is the cause which animates and empowers a born again spirit with the effect being the reality of Christ formed in and expressed through the redeemed human instrumentality of a born again believer.

As a true born again one, a believer has not only been born as a child of God by the Spirit, but he has been baptized into Christ’s Body by the Spirit, permanently indwelled by the Spirit, sealed by the Spirit, and is to be led by the Spirit as a mature son.  He is commanded to ‘be getting’ (being kept) filled by the Spirit.

To be ‘filled’ by the Spirit is not an issue of getting more of the Spirit; the true issue is the Holy Spirit getting more of us.  The proper relationship between the Holy Spirit and a born again spirit is an intricate one and must be understood and implemented accurately if a believer is to truly walk in the spirit.  Should a born again spirit not make proper adjustments, the Holy Spirit could very well be grieved and…..

The Spirit is prevented from performing His ministry in and for that saint in an efficient way. When a believer is taught to ask the Spirit to fall fresh on him and to descend upon his heart, he is taught to ignore the truth concerning His indwelling. Furthermore, the idea of the descending Spirit falling fresh upon him takes the place of the conception of the fullness or control of the Spirit over his life, and the believer does not put himself into His control. The result is that the Spirit is prevented from doing His best for the believer, and the saint lives a powerless mediocre Christian life.  (Kenneth Wuest)



11 thoughts on “Just A Thought! The True Work of the Holy Spirit

  1. We have been taught wrong things about the Holy Spirit for too long but we thank God because He is in this present time revealing to us the truth about Himself, His Son and His Spirit. Father is truly amazing.

    • Senelisiwe, yes, my brother. Father is raising up sons in His Household who will truly be led by the spirit. May you be blessed as you continue to pursue! Peace!

  2. I needed that. So many “charismatics” go to worship services asking God to “send the spirit”, or a “fresh anointing”, as if they don’t currently operate through it. I used to do that. Crave for that “feeling”, which is completely of the flesh, soulical, and damaging both spiritually and emotionally. We need Fathers guidance and understanding on such intricate issues. Great post!

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