Household of Faith

imageMan, I’m tired! Getting your house ready to sell is a lot of hard work, but being connected to brothers and sisters in the Kingdom is a wonderful thing.

We’ve lived in this house now for 13 years. Father established us here for purpose. In the last two years, we have been gently nudged to prepare for this move. It’s a new season for us and Father desires to establish us somewhere else, but regardless of where we live physically, we know that we live in the Kingdom with brothers/sisters that are family!

As we’ve walked this out, Misty and I have submitted the idea to the Body, both locally and across the nation with whom we relate. I can’t tell you the blessing that having their prayers, counsel and support has meant to us as we make this transition. Their involvement in this process has proven invaluable just like doing life with them over the past 15 years has been.

Let me give you a brief rundown of what I’m talking about in the context of selling one house, discerning where to go and purchasing another house.

imageSee that little lady standing next to Misty. That’s our realtor, Monna. She and her husband, Pearl, moved from Ohio years ago to come and live in community here in McKinney. Pearl and Monna are elders in the city of McKinney, have a beautiful pastoral function in the Body and ooze love, peace and redemption into the lives of those people they touch on an every day basis.

Imagine the peace and confidence that Misty and I have as we go to sell/buy properties with Monna by our side. She loves and honors us, as we do her, and we know that she has our best interest at heart as she guides us through this process.

Beyond that, Monna has been equipped and encouraged by the Body to function prophetically, not just in a “gathering” but in her profession. Her wisdom and counsel regarding procedures and properties does not just come from 12+ years training and experience as a realtor but are directed by the Holy Spirit. She engages priestly function as she prays/intercedes for doors to be open/closed, favor to abound on our account and clarity of direction. She does this for all of her clients, not just us.  It’s a blessing to have such an incredible ambassador of peace to walk with you through what can be an otherwise taxing process.

Next, see those two young lions over on the right.  That’s Chris (standing) and Ryanimage (on ladder).  They are two of my spiritual sons who happen to be electricians.  They came over and replaced light fixtures throughout the house.  Could I have done the work?  Yes.  Probably not as efficiently and expertly as they did.  As a matter of fact, I took a few zingers from them regarding my previous handiwork in getting the existing fixtures up! But, alas! They were willing to serve and bless us by offering their skills and it made it a much more beneficial experience.  What a blessing!

imageJust so you know, I fed them dinner.  You ever seen two young bucks graze!?!?  I figured it was the least we could do. And, besides, we had a fantastic time breaking bread (Rosemary chicken with potato au gratin and braised greens) together.

A few days ago, we went and visited a potential property we have interest in purchasing.  We invited a couple here in McKinney who are elders, the Lumbersons, Misty’s mom, Charlene and Amanda, one of Misty’s design associates and a precious young lady to us, to go an view the property.  Of course, Monna accompanied us to view the house and property.  We held this impromptu gathering on site so that others could view and gain a sense of the property and pray regarding Father’s direction.  It was an encouraging time and sharing it with precious people was both reassuring and joyous.

Then, I received word that the brothers/sisters who gathered Sunday morning in McKinney took out the advertisement paperwork on the property, laid hands on it praying over it and asked Father to lead us through the process according to His Will.

imageApproximately the same time that was happening, Frank and Gema Trevino from the Josephine community (about 30 minutes away) show up with their son, Caleb and 4 or 5 flats of spring flowers.  We didn’t ask them to do so. They just did!

Not long after, they had planted close to 60 plants in our front entry flower bed that really just added some much needed curb appeal for prospective buyers.  Watching them work and feeling their love for us as they did so was such an incredible blessing.  Afterward, we had an improvised lunch and they shared some things that Father was doing in the imageJosephine community.  As they were getting ready to leave, we all joined hands and they prayed a blessing over the sale of our current home and that Father would direct our steps moving forward! It was unexpected awesome!

This is the Church learning to walk in the Kingdom!  It’s not just about selling a house. Things like this are not just a one time occurrence.  Such things happen on a daily basis throughout Kingdom communities across the country.

As the Body of Christ continues to learn the lesson that the Church is NOT a religious organization that derives its authority and legitimacy from a government sanctioned 501 C-3 classification but, is rather, an organism that is formed as a new creation, we will begin to see and experience more genuine love expressed.

The Church is the People of God, His Family that exists as His Household and abides in His Life and Nature, and, can therefore, be governed by the House rules.

Yes, I know the Church’s mission and I believe we are to be “missional” in reaching people. However, I think until the Church learns to accurately care for one another within the Household of Faith according to Father’s Nature and represent Him accurately to the world, we won’t have much impact.  We need to stop preaching a gospel that only prepares people for heaven but doesn’t equip people to live in the earth!

Keep your peace!


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