When the Light Comes On!

imageYou know, no one has ever accused me of being the brightest lamp on the street! That’s cool. I know I’m no Einstein.

But, over the years and until this very moment, I have learned and am learning that the creation, training and development of the born again spirit man and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is vital to a believer’s walk.

I’ve had 3 conversations over the past few days with young brothers who have the proverbial “light coming on!” Through text, phone conversation and face to face interaction, each of these young brothers are expressing the same thing in their own unique way: As they recognize the Life that has been given to them and they focus upon giving themselves to enter into that Life, they are noticing certain battles with sin/bondages becoming less of a struggle and they are walking in freedom.

It’s awesome to see the light come on for these brothers. It is actually a monumental happening in their spiritual walk.  It is the fullness of a potent truth that Paul shares with the Galatian believers:

[This] I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

It is a blessing to observe them migrate in their mentalities from Apples to Oranges and taste Father’s Goodness as they learn to BE what it is they have truly become!  They are NOT Just? A Sinner Saved By Grace, they are realizing they are a son of God and, therefore, have been given His Nature and can learn to freely partake of it and govern their lives accordingly. Man, I’m here to tell you that true discipleship has its payoff when the Light comes on!

John 1:4-13 tells us,

In Him life was existing. And this aforementioned life was the light of men……… He, the aforementioned Word, was the light, the genuine light which enlightens spiritually every man as it comes into the universe. In the universe He was, and the universe through His intermediate agency came into existence, and the world of sinners did not have an experiential knowledge of Him. Into the midst of His own possessions He came, and His uniquely- owned people did not take Him to themselves. But as many as appropriated Him, He gave to them a legal right to become born- ones of God, to those who place their trust in His name, who, not out of a source of bloods, nor even out of a desire of the flesh, nor even out of a desire of a male individual, but out of God were born. (emphasis added)

Believers will be better served and matured when “leadership” teaches and instructs them to focus, not so much on the dastardly, evil nature that lurks within, but, rather, focus and invest on the created, born again nature that Father has imparted.  God is the Father of our spirits. He is Spirit. The connection we have with Him is in the quality of spirit. If we are going to know Him (which is eternal life; John 17:3) He will be known by our spirit man as we walk in the newness of life led by the Holy Spirit which bears witness with our spirit that we are, indeed, children of God, heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ.

The Holy Spirit has been given to EVERY believer as the Operative Communicator of the Godhead in order to relate all Divine Resources and Capabilities to the born again child for proper existence and function. Whew!  Let’s try this…….He leads us into “living, moving and having our BEING in Father”.  😎

The Holy Spirit is not a perpetual motion machine which happens to work automatically in a believer’s life. Nor, is He a distant, mysterious vapor-like substance that must be evoked to fall down upon a believer. No.  The Holy Spirit is a Divine Person waiting for the born again spirit to knowledgeably engage and interact with Him.

If a believer is discipled correctly, they will, according to the nature seeded into them, desire to live the Christ-life. They must be taught, through the scripture and by having it modeled in front of them, to operate in faith and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  It is His job to lead and guide us into ALL Truth.  Accurate involvement from the believer, spirit to Spirit, will allow the heir of God to access all the unsearchable resources of Christ’s grace available and activate all the operations of the Holy Spirit as his paraclete.

This is what it means for the Light to come on! The Christian life is not simply weaving God into the tapestry of our own self-life in hopes of achieving our best life now.  The Christian life is His Life living through us accomplishing those things that please Him.

My prayer for you, dear reader, is that you truly realize that you have been MADE ALIVE UNTO GOD and that you are amazingly aware of His Presence IN you!

Keep your peace!



4 thoughts on “When the Light Comes On!

  1. Incredible new covenant joy, freedom, and victory: Hebrews 10:2 – that there might be no more consciousness of sin. Sounds too good to be true. It is the subjective core of the good news. We are supped to have a new center of consciousness, the indwelling Christ, not sin consciousness. We are supposed to be more aware of Him than any of our deficiencies. Flesh groveling at how awful it is (religion), or flesh boasting how wonderful it is (the cosmos) . . . is just flesh.

    • Did you have written somewhere so you could copy and paste it? 😳

      Good stuff, my brother! We don’t realize what He has actually done and what it all means………..Father help us to enter into it!

  2. Amen brother, what you said here is very significant: “The Christian life is not simply weaving God into the tapestry of our own self-life in hopes of achieving our best life now. The Christian life is His Life living through us accomplishing those things that please Him.”


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