Sons in Father’s House

imageI’m gearing up for a fantastic weekend!  Dear ones are coming in to town for a few days to share Life and Love with one another.

This guy I know, named Crosby, is jetting in from North Carolina accompanied by his lovely wife, Rita, to do some teaching to local saints here in North Texas.  It is going to be stupendous!

Also, the Clausings from the Ohio community are coming in to experience the weekend and add their special joy and grace to our time together.

And, I just got word today that Aaron Heeg from Chicago will be stopping by for a one nighter as he is passing through roaming the country.  He’s a wild man in the Kingdom and I’m excited to see him.

I love the Body as it assembles to give expression whether it is a local expression or a bit broader flavor.  It is awesome to walk with such wonderful people as they flow in the sphere of brotherly love having a family affection for one another, vying with one another in showing honor; (Romans 12:10)  Hey, it’s Father’s Household,………we just get to learn to live in it and experience the joy!

Speaking of which, the more I get to experience it, the more I recognize how desperately people need to know and understand Father’s heart toward them! Within the past 24 hours, I have had three similar encounters with young brothers that were, though distinct in some ways, were pretty consistent in general.  The issue………properly relating to Father.

The first brother called me. He has had an extremely lucrative business opportunity presented to him. This particular opportunity would be a major, long term blessing to his career and his family. While he is excited about it, he had some concerns as the fruition of the deal is approaching.  Details aren’t necessary.  Suffice it to say, he was questioning the validity of the deal because he had been burned in the past in previous experiences and had some trust issues.

Who could blame him, right?  Well, as we spoke, I just felt impressed to encourage him in trusting Father for this provision.  I realized that this opportunity was a blessing from Father to establish him and bless him for purpose.  He knew that too.  But the dreaded, “this happened in the past” whisper kept creeping in.  Eventually, we settled the issue by agreeing that, as his sons, we trust implicitly in Father, not man, to lead us into relationships and opportunities. He began crying on the phone as he was set free from hurts and pains from past experiences.  I wasn’t screaming at him through the phone to be healed……I simply led him to the realization of Father’s heart toward him and the goodness that it brings.

The second brother I called.  I’m busy trying to work and, suddenly, the Holy Spirit brings this brother to me.  I prayed for him.  Then, I was directeed to call him.  He answered, laughing, and said, “Man, are your ears burning?  I was just talking about you and calling you for some counsel.”

I explained that I was directed to pray for him and call him.  I asked what was going on. Bottom line……a couple of hours before I called he had been approached by his boss to make a change from one position to another position within the company.  The new role in sales could prove to be lucrative and a blessing in providing for his family.  He was under stress because he didn’t know what to do.  You see, he had sales roles before and he had always been responsible for jeopardizing them.

After his explanation, I knew the reason why Father had me call.  I had to encourage the young brother that the days of regret were over and destiny was at hand.  Father’s been working in his life for a while now, dealing with him as a son.  He is by no means the same brother he was a couple years ago.  He has come to know Father in new ways and learned to yield to His discipline and permit transformation to occur.

Fear is a horrendous thing.  And, when you can’t trust yourself to NOT repeat past patterns, fear can set in and paralyze.  Especially when it comes to making a living and providing for your family.  I understand that all too well.

So, we talked about the born again spirit he had received, what that does for him in relation to Father and the capabilities it brings to him in governing himself through the witness of the Holy Spirit.  As the fear subsided, the confusion cleared and the young brother realized that Father had pronounced favor over him with his boss. Who was he to reject it.  Promotion and provision come from Father’s hand.  As sons may we learn that empowerment to perform also comes from Him as we learn to be led by the Spirit.

Finally, I stopped by my neighborhood coffee shop for an afternoon treat.  As I stood in line, I was drawn to a young man reading his Bible which was flanked by other books. Both books dealt with the subject of “manhood”.  I really didn’t have to be spiritual to recognize that this young brother was in search for identity.

Being extremely busy in my day, I decided I would sit next to him while my handcrafted beverage was being prepared and mess with him a bit to see if there was any unction in speaking with him.  If, during the brief exchange we would have, there was any leading of the Spirit to actually go somewhere with the conversation, I would invest the time in doing so.

I broke the ice with a commen about what he was reading and we began to converse. It didn’t take me long to realize that there was a connection and I asked him his story. He shared. He was a spiritual orphan.  So, I shared with him about Father.  Tears filled his eyes and I began to see the Light Come On.

As I told him that Father’s Love for and value of him was not based upon his performance, I knew he heard me and could see the hope and freedom fill his eyes. The young brother definitely has a testimony and the best of it is still to come.  I encouraged him to stay in touch and possibly come hang out with the brothers this weekend.  I hope he does.

We have a loving, gracious Heavenly Father who is at work to bring many sons to glory.


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