seminarLast Sunday night, we finished up an incredible weekend here in North Texas! We hosted a dear couple by the name of Steve and Rita Crosby. We’ve had the privilege of knowing them for a while now but this is the first time that they have come in and been among the communities of brothers and sisters for an extended time here in our little part of the world.

This week has been a blur since last weekend! Carrying all the stuff from the weekend while trying to close on selling our house and closing on a new house plus getting ready to move…………..throw in a two day business trip in the middle of the week and, you can imagine, my head is about to explode!

But, you know what, my spirit and heart are in the same predicament because you know Dr. Crosby undoubtedly laid some truth and information on us all weekend. What was taught was important….. no doubt. How it was taught and received was just as important! The undertow of love, grace and being family was the impetus behind Christ being revealed so clearly and providing such a powerful time together. No hype or hyperbole. It was what it was…………..and it was transformational!

Like I always do, I take time to assimilate and process through such an intensive time. I go back and pull out the notes and bookmarks in my mind/spirit from the weekend and carefully consider and meditate on things. I don’t just consider the actual substance of things imparted, I contemplate their impact on where I currently exist and the subsequent implications moving forward. I have found, if I don’t take the time to process in this manner, I wind up just having a great experience over the weekend but nothing really changes or is added to my existence. The weekend was not just about obtaining my “Jesus buzz!” (thanks Crosby for the phrase) but it is actually designed to conform me to the image of the Son.

Forgive the cheesy alliteration which follows (my college professors would be so proud!) but I would like to share what has been given to me as I’ve processed this past weekend from the Crosbys being in our midst.

First, God is GReat! He’s incomprehensible to our natural minds as they stand. He’s inexhaustible. The riches He has afforded us in Christ cannot be expended. Hearing Him; seeing Him and experiencing Him this past weekend in the midst of community has reinforced the thought that His Majesty is demonstrated by His diversity contained in His One-ness. He is so far beyond our human comprehension that we must be spiritual or exercise the quality of the born again spirit He has given to us in order to receive His fullness. As we do, our spirit man ascends above our natural man and begins to download the truth in byte size allotments that causes our minds to release our thoughts and obtain to His thoughts.

Secondly, I am extremely GRateful! (see what I’m doing?) As I delivered the Crosbys to the airport on Monday, I had a moment on the lunchway home. I just began to recognize how orchestrated my relationship with them has been since 2009. Then, I realized how ordained it has been for me to walk in relationship with brothers/sisters over the past 15 years in Kingdom community here in North Texas. Add to that, the significant relationships with other communities stretched across the good old U.S. of A. and I began to just thank Father for everything He has done. Finally, I considered His faithfulness to us over the years as we have pursued Him and walking in the Kingdom. In this season, as He is establishing us for a new phase of the adventure and I considered it all on the way home from the airport, I was just overwhelmed by His Goodness. Yeah, I cried………..so? My prayer is that, regardless of situation and circumstances, His sons never lose their sense of awe in who He is and His blessings towards us. May the fruit of our lips continually be praise and thanksgiving!

Another thing I’ve considered is GRadient. Crosby broke it down for us as he talked about Oceanic Geothermal Gradients………….what? Basically, he shared how that in the vast ocean, there are different levels in the waters that are specific environments where different types of life can live. The heat from the earth’s core regulates the temperature of each gradient and, based upon the environment, it determines which life forms can live where and be sustained. It is an incredible picture of the Body of Christ, when understood correctly, would eliminate quite a bit of the rubbish that transpires in what we currently call “church”.

crosby irvingRather than attempting to create cookie cutter “enter your favorite christian brand name here” believers and being comfortable with everybody “living” where I am, perhaps we need to be more accepting of where they live and what Christ is doing in them! I considered the group that was assembled for the seminar teachings and realized that those in the room were representative of an extremely wide swath of backgrounds, beliefs and experiences. Even the ones gathered Sunday morning for the gathering and the young brothers who assembled Sunday night………..it truly demonstrates that the Precious Lamb is preparing a People from every nation, tribe, people and language. As long as we want to hang around people who look like us, smell like us, talk like us, believe like us, etc. and sing “Kumbaya, My Lord”, I’m not so certain He wants to come around here!

Finally, my last GR word is GRace. There’s been quite a bit written and debated about Grace lately. Some people are hyper about it, while others are still working to be worthy of it. I tend to view it differently and, coming off this past weekend, I am aware of it more than ever.

My understanding of Grace is that it is God’s Presence in my life that enables me to be what He’s called me to be and do what He wants me to do. Grace is NOT the toleration of my humanity where I receive God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense and, now I owe Him and must live accordingly. No, the purpose of His Grace is actually to redeem my humanity so that He might indwell me, Spirit to spirit, and release His demonstration of His Life through my members. Grace, when viewed this way, speaks of intimate relationship, abiding in Him, awareness of His Presence in me and a capability to perform based upon His empowerment, not my own futile, fleshly attempts. As I learn to partake of His Nature and express it, Father is glorified in my spirit and through my body, as I am designed to do as a true human being!

If you attended the seminar, please feel free to post comments about your take-a-ways from the weekend!

Keep your peace!


3 thoughts on “God is GRRRRRRRRReat!

  1. It was an awesome seminar and it allowed me to see how the Father really wants us to know what our purpose is and then to shoot to fulfill our own destiny for his glory. It’s one thing to say I am a believer, it’s another to live it in such a way that it demands people to ask you what has change in your life so much that you act/behave this way….it is at that moment we can share our relationship with Jesus that actually will have an impact on that person life. In my humble opinion Steve’s message lead by the Holy Spirit needs to be heard by the MASSES and I pray that they may hear it and work the message into their daily life’s even though it is most likely not the popular thing to do. Thank you Steve for coming and I look forward to seeing you again.

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