Transitioning Through Relational Trust

on the moveAs we have finished moving out of our existing home and signing the closing documents to transfer ownership, I have been reminded of both the significance and exhaustion that accompanies such a transition.

The correlation to spiritual transition is quite clear when compared to a move in the natural. I would like to share a couple of thoughts off the top of my head.

The first thing I realized in the natrual that transfers into the spiritual experience of transition/change is that you do not realize the accumulation of “things” over the years of being in a certain position. Once we began pack up our belongings, move them out of the house and into moving receptacles, I realized that we had alot more stuff that what I thought.

Decisions had to be made! Some things had to be sacrificed……..trashed, given away, sold, etc. For some things, what long ago seemed like such an important thing to possess, now, at this juncture in our lives, did not hold the same significance. Other things that hold sentimental value were kept although they would NEVER be utilized again with any meaning or purpose. We had to decide what would make the journey with us during this transtion and eventually arrive at our new position.

I’ll just let you think about that in a spiritual context.

Secondly, I have really begun re-thinking and considering FAITH. Currently, we have designs on a new property to be our home. While we have completed the sale of our existing home, the sale of the intended property has hit a few snags and bumps along the way. Which means…….delay. So, now, we are displaced with no place to go. I’m not complaining…..I am just stating the way it is at the moment. The Body here in North Texas has provided ample opportunities for our lodging so we are taken care of, for sure.

I am talking about faith.

I have been imagining Abraham who was asked by God to leave his home and all he knew in order to pursue a new place that was promised. Abraham was on a need-to-know basis and wasn’t provided a road map with directions to his new abode. His faith in God caused him to pack up all of his belongings and possessions and set out to pursue something better that God had promised.

I don’t know if you’ve read the story of Abraham lately, but it really wasn’t convenient for him to do what he did and there was a magnitude of hard work, tests and trials along the way. In the end, what truly mattered was not so much where God was taking him but, instead, what God was making him and the intimacy with God that would come from it.

We’ve been on this intense faith journey now for 15+ years. This is not our first rodeo, partner! So, being displaced for a while, unsure of what tomorrow holds and totally dependent on Father’s direction/provision are not unfamiliar companions.There is no doubt that the literal geographical change is according to His purpose for us but, it seems that the true issue is that Father is going deeper in me so as to take out of me what He wants out and put in me what He wants in me. He is dealing with me as a son!

It boils down to what our dear brother Crosby shared with us just a couple of weeks ago about faith. Faith is relational trust!

The longer I live and go through life processes such as being re-positioned in geographical location, the more I sense that Father is after two things in such matters: (1.) Will I trust Him and be willing to walk through it? (2.) Will I allow the release of things in my life/person that He desires to free me from and will I accept those things from Him that He desires to impart?

As the Body of Christ, we must all come to realize and function in such relational trust with Father. It is how Father’s business gets down here on this planet. A People of God, that is His Family, who are not of this world and are willing to release the allure of this age to pursue His purposes is what Father requires. As this age continues to crumble and all that humanity has trusted in proves to be empty and vain, Father’s Family will be required to live according to the relational trust that is truly our LIFE. As a loving, heavenly Father, He is permitting us the privilege of knowing and operating in such grace NOW! My prayer is that my brothers and sister sense the urgency of our time and focus on cultivating relational trust both on an individual and corporate level.

As spiritual orphans, we cling to stuff, things, items, concepts, feelings, etc., and we want it all to make the trip with us as we move into new places and positions in Him. Excuse my East Texas venacular here but it ain’t gonna happen!  We trust in inanimate things more than in a Living, Almighty God who wants us to know Him as our Father. That, my dear reader, is idolatry.  I am realizing more and more, Father is desiring to make Himself known in ways we could have never imagined but we are simply NOT in a position to receive it.  We must be willing to transition if we are going to come to know Him as He truly desires to be known and not simply stagger on in what we have always known about Him.

Relational trust is how the just ones truly live! (Hebrews 10:38) Such trust is the initial spark by which we are regenerated as born again ones and it is the means through which we are inteded to continually walk through this journey.  Father always has in mind the deepening, maturing and effectivenss of that relational trust!

Keep your peace!


One thought on “Transitioning Through Relational Trust

  1. Bryon, we will be praying for you and Misty. May God bless the two of you and the brothers and sisters that reaches out to you in this transition.

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