Discipleship – When a Young Brother Recycles (Part 1)

anti-recycleRecently, I’ve had one of the young brothers, whom I happen to disciple, really make a concerted effort to press in and seek some assistance in his pursuit of Father. In this life, there are few things that I enjoy experiencing more. It is always encouraging to see a young man open his life and yield more to Father’s grace, love and purpose.

I’ve existed in this realm long enough to realize that when any believer sets out to advance and increase in intimacy with Father, the adversary, the one who opposes, will be there to hinder in any way possible. In this case, there is no exception.

A couple of weeks ago, I connected with this young lion and he was to a place of despair. He had “slipped up” and was feeling quite guilty and condemned. To add to his sorrow, he had been spending time at a local Bible study group in his area put together for young men by one of the institutional churches.

As he attended these monthly meetings, he began to see a repetitive pattern evolve in the midst of these Christian brothers as they met. They would confess the same struggles/sins every time, including the “leader” of the Bible study. They would encourage one another and pray for one another to be liberated from the guilt/condemnation of their re-occuring sins, have a little study in the Word and adjourn after a brief prayer.

Now, this young brother was not only disappointed by his own apparent failure, he was also discouraged by these other brothers who only seemed to recycle sin and never get past it. He asked a very legitimate question. “If that is all we do, what’s the point?”

First things first. You may be wondering, if I am discipling this young brother, why is he attending a Bible study sponsored by a large, institutional church system?

I never try to convince or tell any believer that they must leave any type of church form or structure in which they happen to be involved. I’ve been specifically instructed…..that is not my purpose in the lives of people to whom Father assigns me. I am simply to love them and expend myself investing all that I can to make sure that Christ is formed in them. If Christ is accurately revealed, eventually, the time will come when every believer will individually have to decide the who, where and what to invest their time, energy and resources into on their journey. For some, this could be a process that takes years. Some bust a move out of the system. Some resign themselves to stay where they are. Whatever their decision, it makes them no less or more a child of God than I.

But, I know this to be true from my own experience; one of the most valuable and effective ways to learn is to go through systems and forms that are not according to Father’s heart but implemented according to man’s pattern. As people go through their specific, individual process with Father, He will reveal and show them things He wants them to see. Much like the young brother referenced in this post. I’ve told him multiple times about the present church’s version of the gospel and how that it actually perpetuates the recycling of sin in believer’s lives. Yet, he wasn’t impacted and convinced of that truth until he experienced it for himself in a very pointed manner.

Now, if I had something to “call him into”, a church organization, a ministry or something, I would put pressure on him to leave THAT behind and JOIN my deal. I do not have anything for him to join or support. I walk in the Kingdom in pursuit of knowing Father and I am simply calling him to enter the Way and come to know Father in a more accurate fashion. This is why relationship is so vital. We are just a couple of bros. walking on the road to Emmaus in hopes that Jesus will show up and bring greater revelation of himself to us and allow us to know him and each other more intimately.

Are there gatherings he can attend within the Kingdom communities with whom we relate? Sure. He actually does gather with all the young brothers being discipled. But, you can ask any of them…….they are called into relationship with one another; not to a formalized meeting. The Body of Christ does not assemble to HAVE fellowship. They assemble BECAUSE THEY HAVE fellowship.There is a significant difference.

The intention of discipleship is not to keep a young brother dependent on me, my order of things or recycling through a two steps forward-three steps back Christian experience. Discipleship is meant to invest in building him up, maturing him in Christ to where he governs himself (spirit/soul/body) through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and release him into his destiny to be a light-bearer where he, in turn, can disciple others. If we are in the Kingdom, we are not of those who shrink back or recycle. We progressively advance in our individual lives, in our relationships, in our communities and, ultimately, generationally.

I’m afraid that I have gone off on a bit of a tangent in this post. I am trusting that someone needed to read what has been written here. If not, I at least feel better after getting all of that out of my system. I’ve taken a little bit more space in explaining all of that so I reckon I am going to have to write my next post about a young brother’s ability in Christ to not recycle sin.

Keep your peace!


3 thoughts on “Discipleship – When a Young Brother Recycles (Part 1)

  1. I can relate. I know it is not news to you, but walking in Father’s Kingdom is the simplest and most liberating thing to experience yet the hardest thing to share. Finding the “ears to hear” the voice of His Spirit truly comes only with Father’s timing and appointments because earthy things are not in the offering.
    I think Charles Newbold explained it best as he spoke of such opposition as “the highest form of deception.”
    Now I’m through with my rant.

  2. Bryon, when I saw the title of your article, my mind went back to my army days. The military made examples of “recycled men”. It was a manipulation governed by fear “that no one wanted to mess up, go to the infirmary, or do anything to have to start over”. The recycled were humiliated, treated worse than before, and shamed into the system’s conformity.

    Thank God for men and women who can father and mother the “repeat offender”, knowing that they have been there themselves. Thank God for His marvelous grace that works in out lives to be able to say, “Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more”. With that in mind–also have the heart of Father to be there for them, if they do sin again. The focus He leads us into is not the sin but the person of His Precious Son, Jesus Christ.

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