A Modern Day Parable – The Heart of Spiritual Sons

Dad-birthday-present_2One of the most potent expressions of Father’s Love in my life is the relationship I have as a spiritual father with spiritual sons. These relationships are not contrived, contractual agreements or by human design. They are assignments birthed by our Heavenly Father.

Having experienced such a relationship with my spiritual father, I know the significant impact that a spiritual father can have in a young believer’s life and experience as they try and find the Way. Now, I am getting to experience the other side as my heart has turned toward spiritual sons for their development, discipling and blessing.

Spiritual orphans, who sit atop religious orders made by their own hands and rule unrighteously through their own abilities to maintain/expand their own kingdoms, do not understand the power of expending their life and investing in the building up of spiritual sons. Such one-generational wonders do not know Father’s heart, nor do they understand the hearts of the young believers who would turn to them as spiritual sons.

Such things are sad for me to consider because the legitimacy, fulfillment and satisfaction that elder spiritual orphans are striving for is found in turning their hearts as spiritual fathers towards the next generation which is being raised up and released.

Rather than attempting to further explain this concept, I would like to provide you with a modern day parable that I happened to find recently. Once you get beyond the sheer emotion and beautiful sentiment (it took a while for me) in the natural scenario, my prayer is that you will see and understand the spiritual ramifications of a son’s heart towards his father.

click the link below to read the story and watch the vid:


Keep your peace!


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