House renosLast night was the first night in our new home.  It’s been over a month now since we sold our previous home and have been waiting to get into our new place. Much thanks goes to the brothers/sisters that allowed us to invade their homes, refrigerators and lives while we were waiting to get here.  What an incredible blessing to live in community with you all!

You know, we got here yesterday morning and Misty had the contractor start tearing down walls, ripping up floors and moving doors. The activity that transpired during the day yesterday was a bit hectic. Services getting connected, contractors banging and clanging, movers moving and shaking and trying to keep on top of everything made for a long day.  I’m not complaining; just saying.

Last night when we finally made it to bed, which is our mattress laying on a floor in one of the spare bedrooms that isn’t getting renovated just yet, I was thinking about my Lovely and her propensity to see things that I don’t see and her desire and diligence to bring them into being.

You see, I would have been just pleased as punch to move into the houes “as is” and set up shop. BUT, she wanted to move this door, take down that wall, replace that finish and, so on and so on and so on and so on……………

And, so on…………….. 😉  You get the idea!  Those of you who know Misty know I am speaking the truth. (love you, dear!)

So, I fell asleep last night thinking about that and how different we are when it comes to that and other issues.  Not only do I think it has to do with the whole male vs. female comparisons but I think it has to do with spiritual aspects as well.

I woke up this morning, trying to remember where I was, and once it registered, the thought I fell asleep to last night came back to me in an instant. As I laid there, a dog licking my face and trying to get me to take it outside so that she could fulfill her morning duty, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me.

There is a difference between living and LIVING!  While we could have moved in yesterday and just starting placing furniture and had a functional home, Misty is getting done to the house what she has seen (according to her gift/grace) that will make it OUR home.  The feel will be different. The functionality will be significantly altered for the better.  The changes will not just make the home liveable, it will allow us to truly Live and enjoy the new residence.

Upon completion of that thought, I was immediately transported to thinking about the lives of people in the kingdom. There is a huge difference between living and LIVING!

Too often, especially as equippers and according to the old religious orders, we tend to view people as they are and not as Father intends them to be as He renovates them.  We are too quick to lay hands on a person and start setting up shop to our liking, for our purposes and as we have always done it.

We forego the effort, patience, understanding and investment it takes to bring transformation in their lives according to Father’s design because it seems easier to “plug ’em and play ’em” into our “ministry”, “church” or organization.  Rather than tapping into the prophetic and discerning their true calling, destiny and capabilities in God’s Order, we see how they can fit nicely into our scheme of things.

Believe me when I say, it’s hard to knock down a wall in a brother’s life and open him up. Chances are he’s been abused or hurt from a previous “religious experience” or has something he’s hiding behind, or you can choose from a large number of things.  The point is, we should never enter the life of another human being and surmise that, because of our grace/calling/anointing, we automatically know what is best for them and how they fit into Father’s plan. No……there’s work to be done and it is called building a relationship!

People DO NOT belong to us!  They are Father’s building. We are simply co-laborers with Him. It is a privilege to be assigned to a dear brother/sister so that renovations can occur and they can be established in such a way that they truly begin to LIVE in Him, move in Him and have their BEING in Him. I may come along and knock down a wall.  Another one may come to remove this or install that……………all of it is necessary as the Spirit reveals.

Such remodeling or forming of Christ in the lives of His People doesn’t just effectively occur through teaching/preaching, getting them to read books or listen to our recordings. It must come through doing LIFE together.  Bearing their burdens as our own.  Walking through circumstances with them.  Loving them and speaking the truth in that context.

As this type of renovation occurs, I have come to learn that just as much change happens in me as in the other brother/sister.

There aren’t any shortcuts.  If we are going to move into Father’s House, we have to take the time, make the effort and pay the investment to LOVE, share, converse, fellowship, pray, walk together so that we might not just live as we have before but that we might LIVE as He intends.

Listen, what matters is PEOPLE and having accurate relationships with them.  If we handle one another correctly, we will have all the “vision” we can handle and Father’s purposes will unfold in our midst.

Keep your peace!


2 thoughts on “Renovations!

  1. If you didn’t say anything except, “PEOPLE DO NOT BELONG TO US”, you said it all. They are His sheep–not ours. God has granted us the opportunity to come along aside each other and to learn of Him, realizing we are just a member of that Body. Then as the Holy Spirit leads, give our part. A brother just text me yesterday and said, “Thank you for believing in me”. That was my part for that time.

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