Shared Wisdom from a Good Brother!

Tony Murray with his lovely wife, Joyce

Tony Murray with his lovely wife, Joyce

One of the greatest joys I have is sharing Life in the Kingdom with incredible brothers and their families!  The depth of wisdom, revelation and insights runs deep with the brothers I relate with and there isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t in somehow, someway draw on that depth.

Every so often, I’ll get an article, a teaching, a post, etc. that really blesses me and I just have to share.

This post comes courtesy of Tony Murray, a precious elder from the Southern Ohio communities.  Tony is a quiet one…….most of the time.  But, we he speaks, I’ve learned that I should listen.  Father has graced him with a vast degree of wisdom as Tony has walked with Him for many years.  It’s my privilege to call him brother and I thought I would share some of his thoughts with you!

Keep your peace!


The older I get, the simpler I like to make my life (eliminate drama, frustration, etc.). Through another member of His body, these words were spoken that greatly changed my life’s philosophy: “The Spirit and the Bride say COME”. I have found that I cannot live without every word that proceeds from God directly and those He shares through members of His Body.

With the same drawing power (His voice) I heard as His love first drew me to Him, I now hear to turn my attention to our Father. His voice draws me into relationship with Him as He imparts His love and guidance. His voice draws me into relationship with different members of His Body, with whom He connects me for His pleasure and my good. We know in part, so we need the “parts” shared by the other members of His Body in order to come to fullness and satisfaction. Until we allow Him to make these connections, the part of His body that we make up cannot effectively function, as the hand needs the wrist, which needs the elbow which needs the shoulder, etc. Jesus, being the head of His Body knows the need of each Body part (us), so He sends the commands through His Body’s “neurons” to cause the members to function effectively (to attain to the fullness of His stature). I spent most of my life disjointed, trying to find peace in various institutions, instead of the relationships of His body as He offered to marvelously orchestrate.

My frustrations mounted as I tried to please our Father through “doing church” with others (the only way to please Him is faith). Trying to please him through institutional efforts placed me under the curse of the law, as my “doing” what was my “part” left me empty. Not that His grace was not with me, nor that His grace is not connected with others who are still in the institutional systems. He allows us all to move along our “learning curve” to come to where we need to be.

Now, as I open my heart not only to Father, He tells me to open my heart to others He sends my way. My heart has to be open to: share my weaknesses, be ready to be hurt, be ready to give of the treasure He placed in me, be ready to receive of the treasure He placed in others that He chooses to share with me. I must esteem the Christ in others as greater than me. I must hunger and thirst for His treasure, not only directly from Father, but from the members of His body that He has given me access for His glory.

The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Spirit. When I find these are lacking in my life, I must allow Him to direct my steps back to His way of peace. I have found that I cannot love God unless I love and share as He leads with those He has placed in my life through the leading of His voice.

Frustrations occurred as I have forged ahead of God in my impatience to try to “help” others in my own power through my own good intentions. When I allow Him to place me with those He has ordained in His times and His seasons, I have found His peace. His Spirit’s drawing is through me as well as through the “like mindedness” of others. My peace and joy is found there.
Please don’t think that I think that I have attained anything. I cannot tell anyone how to live for God. I know that. My time on this earth trying to “teach” others through sharing scriptural knowledge is over (I hope). I only desire to share Christ. If the Spirit and Bride say “come”, that is the only direction that I want to take. For they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the POWER of their testimony. As I continue to overcome, may my testimony help others to overcome also.


5 thoughts on “Shared Wisdom from a Good Brother!

  1. You are too kind Bryon. God has placed you in a position to help bring into perspective and focus many thoughts that Father had placed in my undiscipled spirit. Your frindship is indeed priceless, but exactly whatr Father has ordered.

  2. Tony, what precious Golden Nuggets from the Father. Brother, you have a lot to give, because Christ dwells within you, and He bids me to come to abide with brothers and sisters like you.

  3. Great wisdom – we have also found that it is fruitless to try to help others in our well-intentioned self-efforts and application of scripture as a magical formula. Blessed to hear how others are being led by the Spirit in their relationships, connections, and service.

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