The Brotherhood Nature of the Ekklesia

imageSince 2009, Father has taken extraordinary measures in teaching me the significance of knowing/experiencing Him as Father and receiving/relating to others as brothers.

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In this year of 2014, I had two significant brothers in my life pass from this age into eternity. Honestly, their passing hit me hard because of the love I have for them, the intimacy of relationship that was ours and the importance of their role in my life. In my latest season of transition, I processed their value as men, their impact on my life and all of the emotions that accompanied their passing. I sorely miss them.

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In a previous post, I stated….

Father has already transitioned His administration of His dealings in the earth.  The revealing of the Father’s House and matured sons in His House living and abiding under His authority is the manner in which He is going to bring this age to an end.

In saying such a statement, it is important to understand that my intention is not focused on constructing a visible liturgical order or forcing a religious paradigm.  Rather, my statement seeks to establish a center of interest and activity in caring, nurturing and relating with believers solely based upon the Nature of Father that has been seeded into those whom have received Him and been given the right to be called sons of God.

THE Son, Jesus, stood face to face with worldly authority of his day and unequivocally declared,

“The Kingdom which is mine is not of the world.  The Kingdom which is mine is not from this place.” (John 18:36; Wuest)

Empowered by the inherited capacity that works in them and in exactly the same manner as Jesus,  sons in this age must learn to taste of the heavenly gift,  become companions of the Holy Spirit and joint heirs with Christ and experience the powers of the age that is to come.  The result will be a resounding, explicit statement that Father’s House, to which they are submitted, does NOT have it origin, nor its impetus deriving from the order of this world.  The correlated  outworking of speaking such a statement from the reality of their existence will be proper love, care and admonition for the brethren and an accurate expression of who Father is to a lost and dying humanity.

The “by this shall all men know… the love you have for one another” decree of Jesus epitomizes my point.  Whereas man’s religious programs and orders have failed in containing Father’s Glory and adequately conveying it to the world, Love accurately displayed will not fail.  Rather than bringing religious division and strife, Love for the brethren will answer Jesus’ “make us all ONE” prayer in John 17.  Love will cause brothers to seek to be RIGHTEOUS rather than attempt to prove they are RIGHT.  Love is Father’s Nature and is the environment of His House.  It is His Order.  It is His Way!

To accurately function in Father’s House takes humility and a lifestyle of repentance……………changing the way we think in order to conform to Father’s Wisdom.  Humility is the rule of His Household.

For too long now, well-meaning and intentioned men with a call of God on their lives have used and abused God’s People to establish religious orders and structures according to a worldly aesthetic.  We have sought “how” to “do” church and wound up formulating systems to accommodate and highlight the chief callings and gifts among us.  Such things are NOT according to the Kingdom or consistent with Father’s heart and reek of the world’s humanistic scent.  Though such orders orchestrated by men’s hands and religious acumen will continue to be propagated in the earth as God’s way, the jig is up!

Brothers are coming to their spiritual sense and realizing that what is being spoken of here is not something new, it is simply been Father’s way all along and we are simply being awakened to return to it. Coming to know God as our Father, observing His Goodness and merciful dealings with us and then affording the same type of care to our brother regardless of circumstance is the rule of Father’s House.  It takes death to flesh, whether religious or not and Life led by Spirit to spirit.

In his last book, Liberating Apostles, my dearly departed brother, David Newby had this to say regarding The Brotherhood Nature of the Ekklesia.

Paul was very careful to continually espouse and uphold the brotherhood nature of the ekklesia. What concerned him was that the sheep should be gathered into one flock around the One Shepherd. He nowhere described a universal ecclesiastical structure, still less did he teach that the universality of the Christian brotherhood must be made visible in this way. He regarded all the separate churches of Christ as independent self-governing societies. He strove to implant in all of them the principle of brotherly dealings with one another.

No doubt the words of Jesus, “But do not be called Rabbi, for One is your teacher, and you are all brothers” formed the primary value of relationship and the resultant relational team function of the Body of Christ (Matthew 23:8).  Peer relationships were all-encompassing and crossed every barrier of gift, ministry, function and race.

The word brotherhood was technically used as synonymous with ekklesia in the early centuries. The First Epistle of Peter does not make us of the word ekklesia, but uses brotherhood and other words to express the same concept. (1 Peter 2:9, 17)

All down through the early centuries this idea that Christians form one brotherhood finds abundant expression. Brotherhood alternates with ekklesia in the oldest sets of ecclesiastical canons.

That’s enough to consider for now. Will pick up this train of thought in future posts.

Keep your peace!




4 thoughts on “The Brotherhood Nature of the Ekklesia

  1. You said it best, when you quoted in this article the following:

    For too long now, well-meaning and intentioned men with a call of God on their lives have used and abused God’s People to establish religious orders and structures according to a worldly aesthetic. We have sought “how” to “do” church and wound up formulating systems to accommodate and highlight the chief callings and gifts among us.

    Something in our spirit should rise up and say, “No More. It’s been too long”. We should by the spirit look for the life of what is being said, propagated, or promoted as a new revelation. Jesus said in John 6:63b, “The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life”. The Christ in us will recognize the life, because it comes from the Father.

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