Past. Present. Future. Proper Stewardship Required!

imageI woke up early this morning with a great sense of sending out an encouraging word to seekers and sons…………really, just anybody that is searching or in need of some hope.  Christ IN you is the generator of all hope, so I want to tap into that, stir it up a bit and see where that takes you!

As I pondered and prayed as to what to share, I felt as if I should talk about certain gifts Father has bestowed upon you.  Perhaps the things I am going to address, most wouldn’t think of as gifts.  Not only are they gifts from a Loving Heavenly Father, but He fully expects us to receive them and steward them in proper fashion so as to acquire their maximum benefit!

Scripture tells us:

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the lights, with whom there can be no variableness nor shadow which is cast by the motion of turning. In accordance with His deliberate purpose He brought us into being by means of the word of truth, resulting in our being a kind of first fruits of His creatures. (James 1:17-18; Wuest)

Among the many, varied and generous gifts given to you by Father, you have been given 3 that are vital in coming to know Him as He desires to be known!   Haphazardly handling these gifts resign believers to be frustrated in the doldrums of mediocrity. The proper stewardship of these 3 gifts will lend itself to growth and maturation in Christ and advancement into Father’s Purposes!

First, you’ve been given the experiences from your past.

Whether you consider them to be negative or positive, you need to come to terms with them and realize that He has brought you through them, taught you key lessons and used them to bring you to where you are currently positioned.

You are NOT a victim!  You ARE a VICTOR!

How do I know?  Because, despite what shape you may be in, you are still standing and you are still here.  The TRUTH of the matter is, that in Christ, you are more than a conqueror and share in all that His sacrifice affords!  Adjust your mentality accordingly!

Despite the impact you consider such experiences to have had on your life, whether apparent loss or gain, if you become grateful and thank Father for His Faithfulness and Love THROUGH IT ALL,  you will discover that it prepares you to get the most out of the next gift He’s given you.

The second gift is NOW.  Today.  Your present is a gift!

Most people never realize that NOW is where they truly live.  Your average person, believers included, resign themselves to regretfully live in their present based upon their past.  If you can learn to delineate the past from the present, you will be better able to advance in knowing Him and bringing change into your life and character.

How is this possible?

Because the gift we are given in the NOW is that Father is present with us in it.  The blessing of the present is that we do not even own the present moment.  It actually belongs to God and He is sharing it with us.  In sharing it with us,  He is also willing to extend His Grace – the power of His Presence in our lives to cause us to become all that He has destined us to be – and allow us to co-labor with Him.

If you learn to live in the present with this understanding, you will be able to appropriate all of Father’s Grace you need and come to realize much about Him that you did not know and further develop Christ-like character.

Thirdly, your future is the final gift that Father has waiting for you.  What hope and joy should flood our souls when we understand that He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we could ask or think!  Anticipation of that future gift brings His Hope and Joy into living NOW!

By faith, permit yourself to leave the fleeting confines of your years on this planet and realize that Father is seeking to prepare you for eternity with Him.  Your time on this earth is a time of testing, trial and preparation to begin to learn to live the Eternal Life He’s already given.

Too often, we limit Him and define Him by our past or current existence, never realizing that one revelation of Who He is has been given only  to position us to receive the next revelation of Himself that He so desperately craves to extend.  Set your mind on seeking those things which are eternal.  Realize that you have tasted of the powers of the age that is to come and develop a further taste for them.

He is the ONE who knows the thoughts and plans He has for you.  He knows the depth and width of the future and hope He has prepared for you.  His thoughts for you are good; not evil.  The more you come to KNOW HIM, the more He will reveal His heart and mind concerning you!

In conclusion, these gifts are not the only ones that Father has to bestow upon His Children.  There are many good things He has already given and many for His sons to appropriate.  However, a redeemed past, a sanctified present and a promised future are 3 important gifts secured by the greatest gift of all – the giving of His Only Begotten Son!

Therefore, don’t be bound by your past; be released from it.

Now, don’t live in this world according to the spirit of the age; live, move and have your being in His Nature, which is Spirit.

Adjust your vision of the future from the temporal; consider the eternal first.

If we learn to properly receive  and steward such precious gifts, we will be better able to maximize the gift of Eternal Life, which is knowing Him.

I want to bless you now with a prophetic blessing that was spoken over us years ago. It has proven to be a dynamic word that encompasses the  3 gifts of past, present and future and serves as a constant reminder of Father’s intentions for our lives and relationship with Him.  It’s power is found in its simplistic, yet, intense words.

Days of regret are over!

Destiny is at hand!

It’s a new day!


Keep your peace!



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