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online trainingJoelle Murray, a dear sister of ours from the Ohio community has written a very special article highlighting the efforts of another couple in the Kingdom who are dear to us, Dan and Laurel Hubbell, who live in Winnsboro, Texas.  I thought it was worthy of passing along.

I can personally testify to the Hubbell’s integrity and effectiveness as equippers in the Body of Christ. They have an incredible story and testimony in faithfully walking in Father’s grace.  You should visit the website and read their testimony and take a look at what Father has them doing for the Kingdom.  Keep your peace!

Free Online Bible University Available
By Joelle Murray

For those who want Biblical training, but don’t have the money to put themselves through school, a free online option is now available.
Dan Hubbell, of Winnsboro, Texas, a former pastor and missionary, has been running a free online Bible university since January of 2013. Called The School of Tyrannus, after a passage of Scripture in Acts 19:8-10, the university can be found at It has between 1,700 and 1,800 topics of study in 18 units and is self-paced. It currently serves 164 students from 28 countries. church restorationThere is even a feature which allows one to search occurrences of any one word from Genesis to Revelation.

 Although the domain was bought in 1999, Hubbell said the Lord did not prompt him to start the school until last year. When asked why the school was free, Hubbell said, “Jesus said, ‘Freely you have received, freely give.’”
“The Word of God should never come with a price tag,” Hubbell’s wife, Laurel, added. “It’s a free online school for anyone who wants to. If you want to be trained in the Word and don’t have any money, then the Lord is providing this opportunity.”

The online university has three types of students.

Those in the first group have a personal computer, usually with a camera and a Skype account.

Those in the second group log on through an internet café.

The third group have no computer at all and receive their lessons through postal mail. Most of the students who attend The School of Tyrannus are bi-vocational, meaning that they complete lessons in addition to having jobs.

 Hubbell admits that those whose countries place blocks on Christian websites can have a harder time, but accessing the website is not impossible.

“They have secured log-ons and they get past the government’s blocks,” he said. “They even have secured e-mail

Dan & Laurel Hubbell ministering at a gathering.

Dan & Laurel Hubbell ministering at a local gathering.

addresses. God gives them the wisdom to get around those things. We have a special code we use to talk (about the lessons). About once a month, I Skype those who have Skype and talk to them.”

In addition to the university, Hubbell is also in the process of writing his memoirs. “I’ve traveled with around 70 missionary companions over the years, and I’m asking them to tell me their memories of trips. I’m also looking for memories of trainees who were natives of their countries,” he said.


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  1. I asked that, but forgot to write what he said. *sigh* The best way to know would be to ask Dan yourself. He is on Facebook

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