The Bible and the Church: Truth Needs a Body

truth needs a bodyThis fantastic post comes from Dr. Steve Crosby.  I would suggest that you click the link below and read the entire post from his blog.

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There was a Body before there was a Christian “Bible.” This is a threatening fact for many. It is none-the-less, an indisputable historical fact. The implications can, and have been, argued for centuries, but the fact cannot be.

The body of Christ is the result of Jesus’s life, death, resurrection, Spirit-outpouring, and Spirit-indwelling: the new creation. The Bible is the product of the Holy Spirit working in and through the body/church. In a historical sense, not a metaphysical one (the Church is eternal, as is the Logos), there was a community before there were writings. The writings came out of the experience of the community and the need to objectively capture the transmission of the apostolic proclamation of Christ, for future generations.

I am thankful for my heritage. By the grace of God, I have been devoted to Jesus as revealed in the scriptures for 40 years. To the best of my ability, I have given my life to the disciplined study, honest exegesis, and honorable application of the scriptures. I am not anti-scripture. I am anti-ignorance and anti-nonsense.

However, knowledge and love must always go together. Love must be informed and knowledge must be infused by, and expressed in, love. We must honestly admit that the Protestant Evangelical passion for the scripture (which I share) is not without some inherent difficulties and risks.

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2 thoughts on “The Bible and the Church: Truth Needs a Body

  1. The take away being here that we need to honor the original purposes for the Scripture as it has been given. We should not be studying the Bible merely for the scholarly intent to studying the Scriptures, but to allow them to teach us and transform our lives. We should not be the man who walks away from the mirror and forgets what he looks like.

    • I completely agree with your statement on this that the word of God wasn’t given just to be used for the scholarly purpose. Since it’s not that easy to interpret the word of God in such a way that people can understand it; therefore, Bible scholars have been put under way in order to educate those who’re by called to ministry to properly present the Word to the people.

      But, the one preaching the Word has the responsibility to ensure that he applies what’s being taught just as listeners have. The reason for that is those who are teaching will be judged by a much stricter standard. Before preaching, the preacher has to examine himself as thorough as he can to make certain that his life is aligned to what he’ll be preaching, otherwise he’ll be a pure hypocrite.

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