It’s Enough If It Is Really Done

imageI suppose that the older I get and the further away from the religous, worldly order of things, the more I realize how simple Father intended things to be.

Initiated by His Love, He sent forth His only begotten Son in the lowly estate of a livestock feeding trough. Though the King of All, his entrance into this realm was of little worldly fanfare and observation.  Although, his very presence caused the power of that age, the Romans, to violently attempt to extinguish his existence in this earthly realm!  What a potency that true Love must possess!

Then, as he walked among his own people, seeking only to love them and liberate them from preconceived ideas and teachings that limited the God they declared to know and serve, they would not receive Love.  Rather, Love was pitted against the power of that age and ultimately crucified, strung up simply for stating truth and living it out.

It appears to me today, that we, even in the name of God, continue to erect hindrances and obstacles in Love’s way.  We place hoops for folks to jump through, we major in minors and expend time, energy and resource on things that don’t matter.  Though Love came to insure Peace between Father and those that would receive him, very few actually know, keep and live in that Peace!  Many keep on striving, laboring and seeking to perform in order to gain some sense of Love’s approval and there are an unlimited number of ring masters who will gladly run the circus and keep the show going.

I firmly believe that if we would just STOP, clear our heads and hearts for just a MINUTE and truly consider Love and what He meant………we would live differently empowered by Love.

Chances are, if we knew Love like we tout, we would treat one another a little bit better.  We wouldn’t permit misunderstandings, wild imaginations and hurtful words to bring division and separation between us.  Love would intervene to maintain and restore in humility those relationships He died for in order to bring into our lives.

Maybe we would give a glass of water to someone thirsty, both literally and figuratively, in Love’s name. Perhaps, we would visit someone imprisoned or take our tithe/offering and go tend to the needs of a widow or an orphan.  AND, not just invite them to “church”.

Here’s an idea.  We could possibly open our homes and family relationships and permit Love residence in order to  establish, strengthen and secure the relationships that are most important in Father’s House. Rather than expending all of our time and energy to get everybody ready to “go to worship service” and fighting in the car on the way there because mom is late in getting ready and the kids  don’t want to go, maybe we could just stay home once in a while and talk about the blessings of God, pray with one another and strengthen the family.  Love would appreciate such an opportunity!

Look, I am not against meetings or gatherings.  Love brings us together, no doubt!  But there is a simple, powerful quality in Love that told us that where 2 or 3 were gathered in the true quality of His name, He promised to be there.  So, obviously, Love isn’t concerned with how many, how long, how loud or how entertaining things must be.  Nope.  Love is concerned about how authentic, passionate and sacrificial He is allowed to be through us! Simply, Love is enough if it is really done!

I will leave you with these thoughts from Jerome in his Commentary on Galatians:

When the blessed evangelist John, the apostle, had lived in Ephesus into his extreme old age and could harldly be carried to the meetings of the church by the disciples, and when in speaking he could no longer put together many words, he would not say anything else in the meetings but this: “Little children, love one another!”

When at last the disciples and brothers present got tired of hearing the same thing again and again, they said, “Master, why do you keep saying the same thing?”

John replied with a saying worthy of him: “Because it is the Lord’s command, and it is enough if it is really done!”

Keep your peace!


6 thoughts on “It’s Enough If It Is Really Done

  1. Bryon, you are correct. HIS LOVE IS ENOUGH. If we move in His love and receive His love, that’s what He intended. I’ve said for many years that the next move of God will be in love. We will be able to love as He loves and to receive that love. He is now letting us truly see the Christ in our brothers by the Spirit and also by the Spirit recognize that pure love. God help us, because we can’t do it in ourselves. It has to be in the Spirit that He be glorified.

  2. His love is not only enough – it is all that we need. It is my goal to do my best to tap into this never ending supply of love, compassion and grace and then with the holy spirit in us offer the same to those I meet and talk too. Great Post Bryon.

  3. Jesus said that without Him, we can do nothing. He is love. So much of our lives are spent doing things we have been told by some willing ringleader or another. In reality though (speaking for myself here), most of my activities never profited me anything, for though I thought I was doing right, I was not in Him, so my reward was frustration. I vote to walk with Him, even as the voices of the ringleaders fade as we walk away.

  4. What else is there to say when the bottom line has been presented so well? Time to unpack everything else and toss it. What would be left for preachers to pontificate about if Jesus was the only focus and being reduced to love the one goal? I don’t know, bros. I think we better hang onto a little pride to motivate us, a tad of self interest so we don’t lose ourselves completely, and at least one pet doctrine to tickle our intellect and keep our heart from being troubled by the Spirit.
    Loved the post, Bryan.

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