A Connection That Will Grow!

imageLast night, Misty and I had the privilege of sitting down to share a dinner with a delightful lady in the Kingdom by the name of Bonnie Hanszen. Father has worked a Divine Connection in bringing us together. Bonnie is the Founder of Ahava Foundation.  I suggest you click the link back there and check it out.  It’s pretty incredible what Father has her doing.

Bonnie goes about the globe seeking to fulfill her calling to “feed the world”.  Quite the undertaking but, after meeting her and listening to her speak for a bit, one that she is quite passionate about fulfilling. You see, Bonnie goes into Third World countries where drought and famine exist and builds aquaponics systems that help feed families and communities.

I won’t take the time here to explain aquaponics and the benefits or science of the systems. You can check out Bonnie’s site or google the term “aquaponics” for such pertinent information.

Conversing with Bonnie was extremely interesting.  During the course of the evening, she shared numerous stories regarding her travels, ministry and expertise in aquaponics.  The evening with her was very informative and inspirational.

One story that she shared had a significant impact on me.

Long story short, she was in a village in Africa teaching a group about how to feed their families and create jobs by utilizing aquaponics.  During the midst of her presentation, one man stood up and wanted to know, “when are you going to bring the Good News into this?”.

Bonnie’s response to the man is what spoke to me.

She gently explained to the man that although she was not a preacher taking a biblical text, she was sharing the Good News.  Since everyone in the room was a Christian, she didn’t think she was sent there to share a bible teaching but felt comfortable in her calling and being sent to the village to teach them how to feed their families, employ people and offer hope into a desperate situation.

Made sense to me. You know, sometimes people can be so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good.

I am going to be transparently honest with you.  I’d rather take the time to build an aquaponics system to address people’s needs and encourage them to advance rather than going to another worship service to listen to the man with all the answers talk to believers for 30 minutes and finish up his latest sermon series.

Don’t misunderstand. I totally believe in preaching the Gospel to those that desperately need to hear it.  I am just at the point in my walk where I think we need more legs and hands in the presentation of our message than mouths.

The brilliance of aquaponics is that it functions on Kingdom principles.  It is a self-propagating, living entity that multiplies produce 10-15 times more than a normal garden, with less labor and through the various seasons.  While seeing that type of gain with fruits and veggies, I desire to see that spiritually in the lives of Father’s children because I have never seen that type of growth before.

I apologize if there seems to be an incomplete thought in this post.  I fear you have caught me in the process of working through some things.  I realize that aquaponics isn’t the grand answer.  It is a tool.  I get it.  Jesus is the answer!  I am just searching for the depth of how the Gospel can impact every facet of our lives. My passion is broadened bandwidth in order to express Him in ways I have yet to express Him.

Keep your peace!


One thought on “A Connection That Will Grow!

  1. Words of good news can ring empty to an audience who do not also see spontaneous compassionate acts of Father’s love (love not in word only….). For too many, ‘word only’ has become the most prominently (mis)understood means of spreading the good news.

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