Just A Thought – Being Rather Than Having

imageUnless truly redeemed, man’s entire life is a hopeless struggle to gain true existence and a futile effort to achieve sustainability.

Since his fall from being, man has been more interested in having rather than in being.

Man’s central drive is a craving to have, to possess in this world, goods and things. Some even incorporate a form of ‘God’ and enlist Him to achieve their assimilation of things.

But for Jesus, what really mattered was to BE and not to HAVE. For Him, true being consisted in a life lived with God, through God and for God. He willingly GAVE ALL to achieve His Father’s purposes. He knew that to such a life, all things would be added in due course.


4 thoughts on “Just A Thought – Being Rather Than Having

  1. That is a foundational truth indeed. Once experiencing the sense of “being”, the luster of “having” becomes tarnished. Unfortunately, accumulation of the fruit of the “knowledge of good and evil” clouds the perception of the state of being (which should become our enduring desire; for that is why all creation groans), leading to the production of all kinds of hybrids. It caters to the old man Adam, who is always hanging around, looking for the opportunity to regain control. He still thinks that having is an integral part of being. And so the battle continues. Miss you brother.

  2. Bryon as I read your post Being Rather Than Having I had a flashback to an early morning February 1986…sitting in my family room, several of my day care children had arrived and we were waiting on the arrival of several more. As the children arrived they were given permission for “structured free time”, like books, puzzles, etc…but one little boy Jeremiah always wanted to watch Benny Hinn and we did. As we watched it was as if God entered our family room and engulfed the room with His presence. It only lasted a few moments but Oh the magnitude of that moment in time. I so well recall hearing these words:

    ” Monna are you willing to lay down everything as you have no earthly idea of my plans for you. You have not seen the likes of Kathryn Kuhlman or Benny Hinn..BUT are you willing to lay down everything?”

    Bryon, those words were so clear, …with tears in my eyes I penned them in my journal that lay beside my chair. I flippantly responded yes Lord…not realizing how “things” had had me bound. The journey began… in my human nature I had no idea how difficult it would be. Not realizing how obsessed with things I was…God knew or He would not have asked what He did…but I had no earthly idea. To this day, I am still being reminded (are you willing to lay down everything and just be)? Thank you for that gentle reminder. Daily it is continuing process and journey…Being rather than having.

    Bryon, God’s Richest Blessings be upon you and yours as He continues to move and have His being upon and through you . Love and Peace, Monna Lee

  3. Powerful thought. It’s amazing how much we have struggled to do and have when Father has provided everything we need in Christ and invited us to stop our hard work and enter into his rest. Resting in what he’s already done makes it possible to simply “be” and a fruitful, peaceful and longer life is the natural result.

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