A General Outline of the Testimony for Which We Stand

imageI discovered these words from T. Austin-Sparks online today.  In my humble opinion, they are worthy of sharing and deep consideration.

As I perused the 4 points below, I compared them with what is being taught and heralded today in mainstream Christianity as the “Gospel” and realized that regardless of whether one exists on the “sin……grace…..sin…..grace….repeat cycle of the spectrum – or – one exists on the “present truth kingdom now” side of the scale, we truly do not understand the depth, power or intention of the Gospel.

In my lifetime, I have seen the Church caught in a vicious cycle of attemtping to do something for God through religious flesh rather than taking the Way of the Gospel and learning to enter into what God HAS accomplished through Christ’s work.  Quite simply, the Gospel signifies the END of man’s carnal attempts to please God by DOING and requires man to RECEIVE his BEING based upon what God has done!

Going on to full maturity, as sons both empowered and led by the Spirit, is where believers are effective in transacting Father’s business in the earth.  However, if we do not understand the things that Sparks plainly communicates below, we can (and most certainly have) waste years, decades and centuries in trying to do something that God just really isn’t concerned about.

I hope you take the time to read and meditate on the the outline below and allow the Holy Spirit to speak/deal with you as He sees fit.

Keep your peace!


A General Outline of the Testimony for Which We Stand

T. Austin-Sparks – February 1926

1. Death, an acceptance of the finish of our old self in one all inclusive reckoning, and a willingness to have this wrought out at every point throughout our life on earth. To every enticement, appeal, interest, provocation, temptation to think, speak, feel, or act in the flesh and according to the natural life, an abiding attitude of “Lord, I die to that.” Thus a “putting to death, through the Spirit, of the deeds of the flesh.”

2. Resurrection. Through this initial acceptance and progressive reckoning of death, a glorious sharing of His life, and that, the life of a triumphant resurrection. This life begins and has its residence in the spirit, but moves through the whole being, spirit, mind, and body, making possible in every part what on the natural plane is impossible.

3. Ascension: The transference of one’s life-source, relationships, standards of judgment, scales of values, points of view, interests, ambitions, purposes, conceptions, citizenship, and resources to the heavenlies.

4. Enthronement. “Reign in life by the One Man Jesus Christ.” This throne-life resulting in the functioning of the Sovereign Head through the members of the Body, firstly against and over the Satanic hierarchy, the spiritual background which breaks through so constantly in the narrative of scripture and then in dealing with the naked situation among men. Not only so, but also in knowing the special sovereignty of the Head in the life of each member of the Body and of each member to the others. This all gives a wonderful new illumination of the subject of service, and opens up a new world of spiritual possibilities. In fact it really does put THE key to real and effective vocation into one’s hand.


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