imageLast weekend, Misty and I spent a fantastic weekend with brothers and sisters from around the U.S. up in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia. Entire families invaded a retreat center and we spent precious times over food, fun and fellowship. It was great to be with family!

During our first evening together, I shared a little something that Father had revealed to me as I dug a trench the week before at our home before leaving for on the trip.  One of the brothers involved in the weekend suggested that I share on my blog what I shared during our time together tucked away in the Virginia cabin. So, here it goes.

You see that trench in the picture. That thing is 86 feet long and, at least, 16 inches alllllllllll the way down. I dug it out for a water line we are connecting from our house to an out building we are remodelling. I dug the trench by hand and dug it according to county/city code.  The water line has to be at least 16 inches down in order to be well below the freezing plane during Winter months.

As I dug the trench, I thought, “This isn’t as bad as I imagined.”  Then, I hit my first tree root.  Ha!

I looked around to find that there really wasn’t a tree anywhere close to where I was digging.  It didn’t matter.  There it was.

As I stood there, shovel in hand, with the hot Texas sun beating down on my back and sweat pouring from my brow, I decided to skip the root and come back to it in order to get it out of the trench. I would have to displace it so that I could get down deep enough to meet code.

So, merrily, merrily, merrily I continued to dig and it wasn’t too long as I worked my way down the slope, my shovel made an all too familiar thud as I struck the ground.  Sure enough!  As I scooped out as much dirt as I could, I uncovered another good size tree root.  I glanced over toward the tree line and I eyed the culprit.  There was a tree some 25 feet away and this root had to belong to that tree.

Skip it. Come back to it!

I continued my trench digging ways for a few more feet and, you guessed it, thud!  As I turned over the topsoil, I revealed the largest root yet.  So, doing what any reasonable man who was sweating profusely would do, I quit!  I’d come back tomorrow and deal with these roots and work on finishing my trench.

So, after a nice hot shower and some dinner, I decided to get to bed early because, well, I was tired……I had worked all day and then after work, I started digging a trench!

Laying there in bed wanting to go to sleep, I began thinking about those roots.

How was I going to get them out? Could I possibly dig under them?

Wait a minute, if there’s 3 roots already, won’t there be more, larger, more substantial roots as I get closer to the tree?  Should I hire someone to come dig this trench?

I turned.  I tossed. My mind was racing trying to figure this root problem out and, the more I obsessed on it, the more frustrated I became.  Gratefully, I was so tired that eventually my mind gave out and I fell asleep.

But, you want to know what the first thing on my mind was the next morning when I woke up?  Roots! I had to deal with them because I had to get the trench finished.  The plumbers were coming the next day, for Pete’s sake!

I got the trench dug.  It was hard work.  Removing the roots wasn’t easy. It was harder work.

Here’s the point, dear reader.  WE ALL have ROOTS!  Things in our lives, character and nature that are buried and obstruct the flow of Father’s Life and Nature in us and through us.  And, even though we commonly apply the “skip it and deal with it later” philosophy, they remain there, only getting stronger and entrenching themselves deeper into our existence.

Sooner or later, it is required that we deal with those roots by laying axe to them through the mercy and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I have discovered, that more times than not, dealing with roots effectively requires the assistance of Christ in other believers.

Let’s be honest, shall we?  If we could have dealt with certain things in our lives and walk that we’ve covered over for years, we would have dealt with them by now.  And, please allow me to say, simply not doing them for a while and then recycling it, is NOT effectively dealing with the root.  You might be able to knock down the fruit of the thing, but the root remains AND it will continually produce according to its nature.  The Lord’s Life in us is not simply a coping mechanism! It is the means by which His victory, the Spirit’s liberty and Father’s dominion is to be experienced!

Living such an hapless, root-filled existence is not the idea that Father had in mind when He sent His Only Begotten Son so that you might have Everlasting Life!  Because we are so carnally minded, we consider Everlasting Life having to do mostly with the duration of life rather than the QUALITY of LIFE that has been seeded into us.  I’d like to suggest to you that the Life is Eternal because the Quality of Life is so pure and holy.  It is His Life and Nature that He has made us to be partakers of and its intent is to make us WHOLE; not for us to limp our way through our years on this planet still in bondage to certain things.

So, we return to the work of removing the roots that have no right, authority or place in our lives. With the faith to believe that Father’s desire is for us to be whole in spirit, soul and body, we must have the faith to permit the Body of Christ to love, minister and assist us in removing the roots.

The Lord’s brother, James, put it this way:

Be confessing therefore your sins to one another for your own benefit, and be praying for one another that you may be healed.

While the majority of believers today continue to look towards a super anointed minister to lay hands on them to set them free or have just given up and yielded to the “it’s always gonna be this way” mentality, they do not understand the power and authority that resides in a corporate expression of the Body of Christ.

Now, before you go and just start blabbing all your business to the first “church” you happen to run across, you need to realize that I am not suggesting you do such a thing.  I am not referring to a religious institution commonly referred to as “church”.  I am referring to a corporate expression of the Body of Christ as defined by Christ as Head of the Church.  “Where two or three or gathered in my name………….” Jesus said.  Again, the emphasis here is on the Quality of Life involved in the relationships, not the quantity of people sitting in a building on a Sunday morning.

There are simply some things in your life from which you will never be free until submission is made in humility and obedience to loving, nuturing and understanding brothers/sisters who are governed by the Holy Spirit.  Simply because you love Jesus and He loves you doesn’t mean that everything is alright. It means that the potential and possibility exists………but it must be exercised.

Frightening, I know!

I’ve there myself.  But, I can tell you that I struggled with roots of my own for years and it wasn’t until I humbled myself, trusted and submitted the Body of Christ to help me that I experienced greater liberty than I had ever known and healing began.  The brother from this past weekend who asked me to share this on this blog, the reason he wanted me to share this is because, by faith, during our weekend together, he excercised the very principle being shared and received deliverance from several roots that have hindered him in his walk for years. It was awesome!

I hope you prayerfully consider what is being shared.  If you feel like you have no one with whom you have a true, deep, spiritual connection that transcends the shallowness of man-made religious orders and that you can trust, just begin to pray and ask Father for such brothers/sisters.  I think you might be surprised by how He responds.

Keep your peace!


4 thoughts on “Entrenched?

  1. Bryon, what I saw in Knoxville a few years back and the fruit that came from that convinced me of truly the authority that is in the Corporate Body of Christ. It has to do with one who can come before the Body in humility, repenting, and be willing to receive anything that Father has for us: correction, counsel, healing, or the removal of roots. I feel like the one leper who came back and fell at Jesus’ feet and gave Him thanks. Luke 1 7:19 – Jesus said to him, “Arise, go thy way, thy faith hath made the whole”. That word means more than delivered. It means complete. In my spirit man I feel fulfilled, Christ fully possessing my reins (my inner self).

  2. Thanks for sharing this Bryon – this was very timely. My wife was led to forward this to a friend with whom we were going to be praying with to deal with some root issues. I believe it really helped to prepare the way for what Father wanted to do that very night. Father showed her some deep things.

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