God is the Great Iconoclast!

I shared this post back at the beginning of 2013.

From speaking with brothers across the country, I’m realizing that the message contained in the post is relevant for this time and season.

What you’ve known is NOT going to take you where He wants you to go! He is greater than what you’ve known and experienced. Father desires to be seen and heard outside of the limitations of our comfortable, inconsequential religious preferences.

Forerunner Perspective


I will never forget it.  It was a life altering crisis point in my life.  It was devastating and it shook me to the core.


It was the moment when it was undeniably and painfully made clear to me that the life I had artfully crafted had suffered irreparable harm and would never be the same.  The details of the scenario don’t matter.  I had suffered perhaps the most hurtful, poignant betrayal a person could but it could have been clothed in any numerous situations or circumstances.  What matters is that hopes and dreams were crashing and burning around me like an apocalyptic meteor shower!


The life that I had spent years forming; gone in a flash. I was completely crushed! With my faith now completely violated, I did what any normal human would do. I blamed God.


After all, my life’s pursuit had only been about…

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