Turning 50 – and – Really Important Matters

Well, it is now the month of June.50

In 9 days, I will be turning 50 years old.

I am aware of this fact for a variety of reasons.

The first reason that my attention is drawn to this milestone is that I have well-intentioned brothers from a lot of different places, who love me, that take it upon themselves to broach the matter.  Evidently, it is incumbent upon these brothers to text me, call me and email me to warn me of this looming, inevitable happening.

I have no problem with the give-and-take of the over-the-hill barbs from both younger and elder brothers.  I know they love me and they know I can take it as well as I can dish it out.  And, honestly, I am honored that the ones that take a shot at me are actually aware of the impending occasion.

Perhaps the most poignant reason I am aware of the milestone is that it is actually going to be a 10 year anniversary of a different type of “birthing” in my life.  A decade ago now, my father, William Charles John Wiebold, Sr. at 80 years of age went home to be with the Lord on my 40th birthday.

It was a significant happening for me.

The passing of my father on my 40th birthday was the beginning of my Heavenly Father beginning to confront me, instruct me and guide me through such matters as the importance of generations, fathering, sonship and other related topics.

If a milestone is an event marking a significant change or stage in development, I cannot believe the change or development that has occurred in the 10 years since that milestone was laid.  Fortunately, that milestone has further revealed The Cornerstone to me over the past decade and His Faithfulness in my life.

He is far greater than what we have known and experienced!

Birthdays have not been quite the same for me for the past 10 years. Usually, I would take my birthday to become quiet, still and extremely introspective. What have I done with my life?  What have I produced?  What does it all mean…………my existence upon this earth for ever how long I’ve been here?

I won’t go into here, but my perspective has changed over the past 10 years.  I think, however, it has been a change for the positive.

Along with the expected goading about my age from the aforementioned brothers and others, there is usually the question, “What do you want for you birthday?”

Normally, my standard response has always been………”nothing”.  Just the fact that people remember and are willing to take the time to wish me a happy, happy birthday and express their love is enough.  Honestly, my beautiful wife will tell you how frustrating it can be to “get me something” for my birthday.

BUT, this year being my 50th year, I do want something.

For my birthday, I WANT MONETARY GIFTS!

Now, those of you who really know me are probably shocked by that statement.  But, if you stop and think about it for a minute, you will realize that there is more to come.


There, I said it again.  Allow me to explain.

david and bryon

In Turkey with Newby – 2009

It was two years ago, in the month of June, when my dear brother in the Lord, David Newby passed away and I went to Australia to be with his family and attend his memorial.


The loss of such a man from the face of the earth also had a significant impact on me.  Never had  I met a man who so powerfully influenced my life in such a short amount of  time.

I only knew David less than 5 years before his home-going.  Our meeting was orchestrated by the Divine, our connection was exquisitely meaningful and Christ’s influence through him was immediate and everlasting.

I miss my brother and I think of him and am thankful for him everyday.

With that in mind, I would like to take an occasion where the attention would be directed my way and do what David would do.  I would like to contribute towards a couple of things that I know David loved dearly.

If I might  be extended a bit of latitude here, I would like to use a portion of scripture to lay out what I am requesting:

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress………..

James 1:27

I WANT YOUR MONEY to go to two places/people that David cherished.

First, I would like for aid to be sent to his beautiful widow, Rosemary, who lives in Australia. In the short time we have known them, David and Rosemary’s marriage served as a stellar example to Misty and me in our own relationship. There is a great depth of love and wisdom that resides in Rosemary and you could see how she fit with her dear husband. Her wit, faith and strength was the perfect compliment to David and their mission as one.


Rosemary with daughters Ariana & Jo.

Now, imagine, if you will, losing the significant income of your husband who owned his own business and is no longer around in order to provide that income.  Such an occurrence is not only disheartening but can be devastating!

Now, I will more than likely get in trouble with Rosemary about all of this……but, she will have to just forgive me.  She needs to know that she is loved!


I am aware that the Newby family have all been working together to make sure that their mother is provided for as best they can. Yet, I am also aware that there remains a need for this precious lady that should be addressed by the Body of Christ.  I would like to provide you an opportunity to give towards her meeting her need.

Second, David had a spiritual son by the name of Prince Thomas, who is a missionary in India.  Since David’s passing, we have become closer with Prince and have hosted him here in the U.S. for the past couple of years.  He is a precious brother and he is touching the nation of India throughout its borders running orphanages and establishing over 300 churches.


Prince and his family.

David and Prince’s connection was ordained by Father and David heavily contributed to Prince’s work in India.  The relationship continues to this day through Rosemary and one of the Newby’s sons, Benjamin.  I would like for Prince’s work in India to be blessed so that it might continue.


So, there you have it.  For my 50th birthday, I’d like you to give to either or both of these worthy causes.  Give little. Give much. Give what the Holy Spirit would lead you to give.

For those of you who’d like to give, simply comment on this post and I will contact you with details on how/where to give.  The money won’t be coming to me.  It will go directly to either Rosemary or Prince.

Keep your peace!



11 thoughts on “Turning 50 – and – Really Important Matters

  1. Having crossed the 50th mark I can assure you its not as bad as the Na Sayers would have you to believe. LOL – You are an old crazy man but Lori and I love you! Happy Birthday my dear friend and please send me the information so I can give something to a great cause.

  2. Bryon, as you approach your 50th and beyond all I can say is from our prospective you have only gotten better with each passing year. You have grown beyond words. You have climbed to the top of huge miuntains and enabled others because if your faith and perseverace ti di the same. Your 50th indeed a milestone. I became a little misty- eyed as I read your request and wish. Do count us in, in contributing ti both causes as iur birthday blessing to you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Hugs frim the heart.

  3. ALL of your words ring true my friend. Please pass along details about how/where we can give. Much love…..

    P.S. I am one month behind you….. Turning 50 in July 😀

    • BENNY! how are you my brother?!?!?

      congrats on the upcoming 50th.

      will be in touch soon. hey…call me if you get a chance and still have my number. my phone got wiped and i have lost alot of contacts……….yours being one of them. peace!

  4. Hey B,
    Welcome to the club! you made it, congrats! Happy, Happy Birthday my brother and friend!! We would like to give you money for your birthday! we would like for it to go to Rosemary! David did leave an impression on us as well, in the few years that we had the opportunity and time with him. One of those was in Tennessee for which I’m forever grateful for your sacrifice! We should have stayed off site and allowed you and Misty to be there with your friend David! That time will be for us memories that came at your expense! In this last decade I believe that you have learned how to be an outstanding father, and son and a leader who is full of grace, compassion and love. I believe that this next decade will be one of you walking out your journey in a new found strength and character that came out of your last decade, which began with the passing of your Father on the very day of your birth. You are an incredible “Man of God” for whom I’m grateful to call friend, brother and co-laborer in His Kingdom! Happy Birthday 🙂 🙂

  5. Hey B,
    Welcome to the club! you made it! Happy, Happy Birthday from D&J! okay we’ll send you money for your B-day! We would like it to go to Rosemary. David made such an impression on us as well. we only got to spend a few times with him, thanks for introducing us to him and we are forever changed. We are especially grateful to you for the sacrifice you made in Tennessee by choosing to stay off site and squeezing us in! That time with David will forever stand out in our memories! You are definitely a man full of compassion, love and grace. I believe that your last decade was filled with you growing as a father, a son and a leader.This next decade will be filled with the knowledge of Him, and By helping to lead a generation of people who know nothing of His love, mercy and grace! Your strength, character and love grew out of your last decade where you experienced the passing of the baton so to speak! from your dad who went home on the very day you were birthed into this world. So enjoy the ride, I’m only a few years ahead of you and I can tell you that you look much better than you do right now! Happy Birthday big guy! We love and appreciate the way you are handling heading into a new season and decade; with generosity!

  6. Well, Bryon, there is life after 50. In the middle of the night this week Father gave me one word, season, and it has already been producing life (life because in Him is life). Brother, I have seen over the years there are seasons. In this past 10 years my season has overlapped with your season. It is a season of life in the Spirit, knowing Him as Father, and knowing Him in the life of Christ Jesus in His Body. Bryon, our lives connected in March or April of 2010 in Hinesville, GA. Through this encounter and before we have connected with many members of the Body of Christ that shows us the Father. in one of these occasions, through you, I met David Newby in Knoxville, Tennessee. We were put in the same room in the lodge, because we were there without our wives. In this encounter with Christ in David he gave me a copy of his thesis on Apostleship. In his writing I saw the purity of the heart of my brother, reflecting Christ. It’s awesome (Godly awesome) that I love the people you love. I can say this is true about Charles Newbold and many other brothers and sisters I have met. So it has been a season of knowing the Father and knowing Him in the life of Christ Jesus in each other.

    Brother, Happy Birthday, and count me in.

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