Walk This Way

Although it is productive to learn from past
failures, experiences and behavior, it was NEVER Father’s intention for you to define yourself by them or because of them. Such mentality prohibits growth. 
Nor are we to continually identify ourselves as the “victim” due to the environment or the oppression of others we were unwillingly subjected. Such mentality produces self-centered entitlement. 

Maturity in Christ means we unceasingly and unashamedly identify with Christ in/through our born again spirit, allow Father’s Love to compel us forward and ENTER NEW positions and operations in Him. 

Being “perfect” has NOTHING to do with your relationship with Father……..being perfected does!  

If ANY man is in Christ, he is a NEW man – a state or quality of existence he has never known to date – and such reality can be exercised daily. It is in Him that we live, move and have our being! It is a NEW and LIVING WAY we are now walking. 

Changing our mind to think as Father thinks and adjusting our expectations to agree with His expectations is vital to growth and advancement in our walk.  


5 thoughts on “Walk This Way

  1. I am convinced that only when we maintain awareness of our present state of being Father’s child, without consideration of our health, possessions or experiences, can we truly walk in His LIVING WAY (but unconsciously walking in what He has given). Trying to add anything else only impairs Father’s kingdom experience, indeed, these things cannot enter His Kingdom. He is fully aware of the earthly things He has gifted and will continue to gift us with to accomplish His good pleasure (THEN we can consider what He has added) in this life, and we are only asked to believe in this reality.

  2. For some time I’ve stumbled through a season where seemingly every move I made was frustrated in one way or another. I found myself muttering things like; “just trying to be productive here, to do something helpful, guess I’d be better off doing nothing.” I was seeing myself as the poster child for Gumperson’s law which states: “The contradictory of a welcome probability will assert itself whenever such an eventuality is likely to be most frustrating.” I now realize that I was seeing myself as a victim failing to receive the expected result of an action to which I obviously felt entitled. Ouch. That’s what I get from teaching that we have more than we could ever ask for in Christ and deserve nothing more than the apostles who often lived in poverty and persecution and died a martyr’s death. Funny how easy it is to miss it in the everyday circumstances. I failed to see mere annoyance as ungreatfulness, victimization and entitlement.

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