Father First!

father firstAs of last week, I had a young brother and his family in peril.  They were caught up in one of life’s pressurized situations where there didn’t seem to be a way out.

As I prayed for them, I sought Father as to what my role was in the scenario.  I was directed to provide limited support so as to not solve the problem but to only encourage them as they walked through it.  It seems that Father was more interested in their development rather than their deliverance.

As the situation grew more and more desperate and pressured, “things” began to surface.  Mentalities.  Attitudes.  Pressure points in their union.  Would they trust in or question God to provide?

It turns out, these were the issues that Father was interested in dealing with in their lives/relationship.

As my wife and I prayed for the young couple, we referenced and discussed similar times in our lives where it seemed things were stacked against us as blow after blow came our way apparently meant for our detriment.  Honestly, there were many times where things got so ridiculous that we were hurled beyond fear, doubt and worry and just had to laugh.

Through every situation, Father was ALWAYS faithful.  It wasn’t until we realized by going through years of such predicaments that Father was more interested in our DEVELOPMENT rather than our DELIVERANCE.

When we discovered this truth, we repented.  From what did we repent?

Primarily, self-centeredness. We had to acknowledge that we were still the center of our own universe and, in our minds, God existed to serve, protect and bless us.

Most believers, because of the way they have been taught over the years, seek to incorporate God into their existing life rather than realizing the New Order of Life that they have been given.  Your average “believer” poses the question, “How does it best suit me to work God into my life so that I can obtain His blessing yet still retain rights and privileges that relieves and satisfies my carnality?”

Suffering.  Hard times. Uphill battles.  Such things do not compute with their faith or align with their mentality of what being a “Christian” means and it causes questioning God instead of understanding what such times are intended to produce; Christ-likeness.

Bottom line:  We are NOT OUR OWN.  We have been bought with a precious price.  Our body and spirit belong to Him.  Not everything is going to go our way BUT all things will work together for good. Regardless of whether we understand it or not, being conformed into the image of Christ, not being the best version of SELF,  is what we signed up for when we bowed our heart before God and made confession of Christ.

I have discovered that tough times and times of pressing provide opportunity for MOVEMENT from what we have known and experienced and enter new depths of experience and understanding of WHO GOD IS.

As believers, we are under the misconception that the GOODNESS of God is extended to us in order to VALIDATE how we are living and what we are doing.  God isn’t interested in blessing your current existence.

He is, however, interested in your repentance and moving you further into His Purposes, Plans and Provision.  It is His GOODNESS that leads us to REPENTANCE; not validate our comfortable status quo.

So, learning such lessons over hard, arduous years of experience, what we do now is look for Father FIRST in every situation.  We still question Him, for sure.  But the question is, “Where are you in this, Father and what are you after?”  Seeking Father first in every situation and understanding His intention rather than focusing on the potential harm that could be caused VALIDATES Father’s PROPER PLACE. It is worship. It allows Him space to work His Purpose.

Without fail, just as this young couple discovered a couple of days ago, Father always comes through and is revealed in unimaginable ways previously unknown before the circumstance arose.  Not only does CHANGE come to the present situation, more importantly, CHANGE and MATURITY comes to His Children.


6 thoughts on “Father First!

  1. Brother, I am so disappointed in you. How do expect to be invited as the keynote speaker for the “Get your Miracle victory conference” with messages like this about hardship and suffering? LOL. Mega-amen. the more I work with younger couples, the more I am convinced the root issue is no capacity in their foundations of life, thought or values for hardship. They have bought the American and prosperity gospel lie, rather than the cruciform life style of the Crucified One. I see crisis after crisis (mostly relational) and why . . . no capacity mental, spiritual, emotional theological to cope with adversity of even the mildest sort that upsets the trajectory of their “blessed and prosperous” life. They are genuinely shocked and surprised when life doesn’t unfold all sweet and pleasant for them. Nicely said, here Bryon.

  2. LOL…………….been to those meetings, bro. all i ever got was a headache.

    When i think about how far removed i am from all of “that”, i am amazed and thankful. working things out with believers and walking them through such experiences is where the reality of discipleship exists.. good stuff!

    • I was at one of Don’s conferences once and shared about what to do when you “don’t get your miracle deliverance,’ talking about how hard it was for Jesus to not even help his own cousin (John the Baptist) because Abba said “NO.” Jesus said to tell John about how everyone else is getting their miracle, but John you aren’t getting yours. Whew . . . what a trial. No wonder Jesus had to “Get away” to pray, no wonder John had doubts if Jesus was the one . . . any way, I unpack the whole thing, and one of the “apostles” of “stature” in the meeting comes up a hits me with “That is the most non-faith” message I have ever heard. It was not a compliment. No capacity in a supposed “spiritual father” and “supposed apostle” to accommodate a theology of suffering. It is epidemic.

  3. Bryon, thank you and Stephen. I had a young man that came back into my life in the past couple of weeks. I used to hire this individual to help in the yard and projects around the house. Just before graduation in 2015 his dad and mother were involved in a motorcycle accident, killing his dad. His mother stayed in a comma nearly a year. She is now in a nursing home and not fully functioning mentally. Also she can’t walk. This drove this young man into avenues that are now catching up with him. His grandparents knew he liked to be around me, and knew I had a burden for him. So they told him to call me, but he came to my house two days ago.

    We talked for some time and found out that he was out of work. In this conversation he told me of the many things that he had got involved with but spared me the details. I told him that I would ask a friend, if he needed some help. I let him know that I would call him, but first I had to take time to pray and ask God’s direction. I realized that I didn’t have any answers. Your word, Bryon, about God being more interested in our development than our deliverance is what I needed at the moment. I knew I wasn’t to give him money, but I did email my friend about work. I’ll seek Father to show us how this development is to be worked out and if I am to play any part in it. When his grandmother called to see how things went, when he came to my house. I just told her, “I know God has an answer,”

  4. Bryon, really great stuff. My wife and I practice this almost with every situation we encounter where we see a need. We depend on each other to discover what God is trying to do in a person’s life and what our part should be. We are so glad that we are not the solution provider. Rather God is, and we fit into what He’s doing.

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