Is Truth Dead!?!?

So, I had boarded my plane to travel on business and they discovered one of the engines had some serious issues. 

I’m grateful for that especially since they discovered it before we took off. 😁

While I’m de-boarded, sitting amidst a number of disgruntled wannabe passengers, I sat down across from a Sierra Newstand. Staring me in the face from across the aisle is Time magazines’ latest edition. 

“Is Truth Dead?” serves as the cover. 

Man, I wonder what the main article contains. I can only imagine. I won’t expend the money to purchase the periodical nor the time and attention to read the article. 

I can only assume that with all of the latest “fake news” trends and biased political perspectives being bounced around, the contents of Time’s “Truth diagnostic” is peering through a keyhole of secularism while the Door of Truth remains unopened. 

I would be curious if there is a definition of ‘truth’ proferred in the article. If there is, I doubt it would jive with mine. 

Jesus said, “I am the Truth.”  Good enough for me. 

I can surely attest to the fact that Truth is NOT dead. 

Now, the World along with its system, which is under the power of the evil one, will not only deny Truth but will permit its religions to attempt to destroy Truth. 

I know this is the case because it happened when He came the first time to introduce Himself and reveal Father. 

But, here is the deal. Truth withstood the greatest blow that Satan, worlds systems and religion could throw at Him.  Truth accomplished Father’s purpose and set captives free while enduring what seemed to be destruction. He birthed Life out of death. We could really use some of that nowadays. 

Truth was able to do so because while He was physically present in the earth, He operated as Paul would later suggest that the Roman believers operate…….”do not be conformed to this age but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…”

My wish, nay, my prayer is that we ALL would stop peering through the keyhole of religious doctrine and bias thereby narrowly defining ‘our truth’. 

 If we, who claim to have met Truth and declare that we have received Him, would open the Door and enter the wide open expanse of knowing the height, depth, breadth and length of His Love, then perhaps Time (and the world)  wouldn’t have to ask such silly questions. 

On board a new plane. Gotta go. 

Keep your peace!


6 thoughts on “Is Truth Dead!?!?

  1. So true! Thanks.

    “Concerning the reality of Christ Himself, all the fullness of God dwells within Him. It is for this reason that every theological system breaks down somewhere. Every systematic theology, no matter how coherent or logical, eventually meets some passage of Scripture or passage of life that refuses to fit into it. Such passages have to be bent, twisted, and forced to fit the system.

    “Why is this? It’s because Christ is too immense, too imponderable, and too alive to be tied into any immovable system of thought constructed by finite humans.” Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola, Jesus Manifesto

  2. Very timely brother. I’ve seen for a time now that those that call themselves Christians have become very polished in side-stepping truth. It is the spirit of this world that denies The Truth, because they don’t abide in Him. Just my take.

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